• LTC3106 Vout issue


    I'm currently working on a power and battery charger : the LTC3106. I have a solar panel and a LiPo 1S 50mAh battery and want to get a Vout of 3.3V. The module must use the rechargeable battery when there is not enough power from the solar panel…

  • LTC3106: overvoltage at Vout

    Hi all, I'm using an LTC3106 in the configuration of the attached schematic:

    It works fine from battery and from Vin inputs, delivering the expected 3,3 V at Vout.

    Problems arises when, with Vin present, the charging of the battery starts: at this…

  • 200mA plus by LTC3106

    What is the configuration setting to have output current at 200mA or higher? From my playing on the EVK, output current can go max at about 110mA.

    Vin 3.5V

    Vout 3.3V

    Using LTC3106 EVK DC2255A

    my setting:


  • LTC3106 RUN pin voltage


    I've designed an LTC3106 evaluation board to hand tailor a solar harvesting power supply circuit which would supply a low power IOT node. In the final setup I'll be using 2 NiMh batteries with 2 pcs of 3V/140mA solar panel in parallel. The board…

  • LTC3106 VSTORE with Supercap

    I'm interested in using the LTC3106, or similar, for an application where Vin is 0.9 to 3.6 volts from a sometimes high impedance source (aka 1 or 2 very cold batteries). I'd like to use the excess power to charge a super capacitor (say 1 F) that can…

  • LTC3106 battery recommendation


    I'm working on a low-power outdoor sensor design which would run on solar power in daylight and on a battery in dark hours. The supply voltage is 3.3 V. The rough power profile is the following:

    MCU: 2mA for 200ms,  200uA for 800ms

    2xLED: 2x max…

  • LTC3106 LTspice model

    I see that the LTC3106 product page mentions that the LTspice model exists. However, the April 7 2019 Mac version of LTspice does not contain this model—there is nothing listed between LTC3305 and LTC3308. Am I missing something? Is it a separate model…

  • Application with LTC3106

    I have the following application using an LTC3106:

    My battery cell is a lifepo4 with 1 cell.

    My solar cell is a IXYS SLMD481H08L with 178mA peak current and 5v open circuit.

    My application power need is:

    1mA for 10ms, 5mA for 500ms, 20mA for 50ms…

  • LTC3106 VSTORE adjustable voltage


    I need to adjust voltage on pin Vstore. I see block diagram on datasheet LTC3106: between Vcap and GND include

    resistive voltage divider with taps to pin SS1 and pin SS2.

    And I thought to use an external resistive voltage divider for forming a voltage…

  • LTC3106 switching from PV cell to backup battery does not work


    I made a small power supply for an IOT device based on a LTC3106. The schematic follows besically the example of the datasheet (figure 14). The resistor divider on RUN should switch at approx. 1.6V from battery to PV cell and at approx. 1.4V from…