• LTC2992 programming issue


    We have a stingray platform. I am trying to powerup the device by following the powerup procedure in the link below. 

    https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/stingray/userguide#configuring_the_ltc2992 . According to wiki, writing 0x00…

  • LTC2992: no sensing current


    I connected a 0.5 Ohm shunt for measurement of small current (up to 0.1A) with a voltage up to 5V, following the figure  "4c: Derives Power from a Separate Low Voltage Supply" of the chip datasheet. As platform, I am using an ESP32 from Espressif…

  • LTC2992-DC2561A & DC590B show Failed to download file from http://...../D2992.txt

    I use DC590B in order to read current and voltage from LTC2992-DC2561A.

    connect device as this

    I downloaded from https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/evaluation-hardware-and-software/evaluation-boards-kits/dc590b.html#eb-documentation and  installed QuickEval K117 on Windows 10…

  • LTC2992 stops I2C

    Hi there,

    I'm having a problem with my I2C bus and the LTC2992.

    I've built a prototype board and found out that the reason why I could not get any ACK from it was that I had not connected SDAI to SDAO. I verified this with a USB to I2C interface,…

  • Floating Ground Transistors

    Hi, I've seen this floating ground transistor configuration in many of the power monitoring IC reference designs, and am having trouble understanding what it does. Some places it shows up are the datasheets of LTC2992, LTC2946, & LTC2947. I am guessing…

  • RE: DC2561A related query


       The DC2561A is configured for 5A by default.  See page 24 of the LTC2992 datasheet for an example of how to choose the correct RENSE1 and RSENSE2 sizes for your application.

    Thank you and best regards,


  • 厉害了我的ADI,EDN Hot 100 占据16席!

    Hot 100 是 EDN 一项承传已久的历史活动,每年美国的编辑们都会选出当年最热门的100款产品分享给大家。

    2017 年最热的产品有哪些?EDN 编辑根据自己的判断和读者的兴趣选出了100个热门产品,其中 ADI 有 16 款产品上榜!手动鼓掌

    登上 EDN Hot 100 的 ADI 十六款产品都是哪些?它们为何如此受青睐呢,版主今天为你们说道说道~


    • LTC2358-18 SAR ADC

      LTC2358-18 是一款 18 位、低噪声、8 通道同时采样逐次逼近型寄存器 (SAR…