• LTC2991 Register Reading issues

    We are unable to read data from LTC2991 registers over I2C interface, however the communication between micro-controller and LTC2991 is OK since we are getting ACK on both the write register and read register commands, but the read data isn't same as…

  • LTC2991- Incorrect clearing of Data Valid

     Reading the LSB of an input clears the data_valid of the next input. For example reading reg 0x0B will clear 0x0C data valid. 

    Our test, only read from v1 LSD, both v1/v2 data_valid cleared:

    Register | Data

    0x01 |write| 0xFF : enable all registers


  • LTC2991 Data Valid Clearing Incorrectly

    When reading a certain LSB inputs, we are seeing the data valid bit clearing for other inputs.

    For example, we have set 0x08 to single shot and trigger a read of all the inputs by writing 0xff to register 0x01. 
    Before reading any of the inputs we read…

  • RE: LTC2991配置问题

    Thank you for your inquiry. EngineerZone offers support for English language inquiries only. You have two options for support:

    1. If you require assistance in Chinese, please visit https://ez.analog.com/cn
    2. Post a new question in English in the Power Management…
  • RE: LTC2991 Current Measurement Problem

    Hi Faruk,

    This is a very late response but I'd like to reply for anyone else considering this method of current measurement.  I wrote an article on current measurement in early 2022 and it covers this voltage divider approach. It is one approach that…

  • LTC2991使用问题



  • Example c code and register definition to read data from LTC2991?

    Dear all,

    Is there any c code to read from LTC2991 provided for user porting MCU quickly?


  • DC590B with LTC2991 board "Cannot load COM module for device" on Windows10

    Dear All,

    Use DC590B board connected with LTC2991 Demo board, and plug USB cable on Windows10,

    it shows message below


    it says that DB590B and its software works with LTC2991 demo board

    How to solve it? Thanks.

  • LTC2991的应用问题







    如下图中 15.54mA/LSB 是怎么计算出来的,我计算的值是15.26mA/LSB=19.075/0.01*8

    3、选用LTC2991采集电流(12V供电)的应用时,对分压电阻的选择,以及PCB layout有什么注意事项吗…

  • LTC2991 I2C VIH ?

    Can the LTC2991 properly detect the I2C transactions (voltage levels) if the I2C SCL and SDA lines are pulled up to 3.3V while the device is being supplied (Vcc) by 5V?

    Per the datasheet, the minimum I2C VIH is 0.7*Vcc, which will be 3.5V in my application…