• LTC2990 Schematic Check

    Could you help me to interpret the following circuit?

    Single-ended voltages are limited to positive values in the range 0V to 3.5V. Differential voltages can have input values in the range of –0.300V to 0.300V.


    Assume the pos range 3.5V is fixed…

  • LTC2990 doubt


    I am interested in using the LTC2990 for I2C monitoring. By reading the datasheet I got a doubt from this paragraph:

    Could you explain me how is calculated the minimum source resistance value of 200 ohms? Could you clarify this with an example…

  • Current measurement LTC2990


    i use a 0,025R as shunt resistor in an LTC2990 circuit,the circuit is like the second circuit at datasheet at page 20(Large Motor Protection/Regulation) and instead 71.5k and 10.2k i use 30k,10k respectively because i want measurements from 0-20V…

  • LTC2990


    May I know the ADC reference voltage of LTC2990



  • equations to convert the register values to current value of LTC2990

    Dear team,

    I am using LTC2990 to measure the current, i got a question:




    while i used the differential mode, got the value of sign =1 ,and D[14:0] = 7FE5,  so the Vdiffer=-27*19.42= -524 uV,

    the R rense Value is 30 mΩ, in my opinion,  the current…

  • LTC2990 Effective Resolution

    Dear Team,

    May I know the effective resolution of the ADC present in LTC2990.

    If you could tell me how to calculate using an example it is well and good.

    I will be using it for DC current measurement.



  • ltc2990

    I'm using a couple LTC2990 parts and just realized I connected the polarity for V3 and V4 back wards. i.e the chip wants to subtract V3 from v4 meaning V3 should be a greater value than V4. In my case V4 is a greater value then v3. When I configure the…

  • LTC2990 C++ driver for Raspberry Pi3

    Hi all - I have uploaded a C++ driver for the LTC 2990 power monitor on GitHub but I do not know whom to contact at Analog. This is an I2C driver for the Raspberry Pi, for this device, if anyone is interested in such.

    A wonderful IC. I will also be posting…

  • LTC2990 ADC Calibration for Current Measurement

    Dear Team,

    I am going to use LTC2990 for current measurement.

    May I know how to calibrate the ADC inside LTC2990.



  • RE: low value current measurement

    Hi Hari,

       Yes, the LTC2990 can accept general purpose voltage inputs, so, for example, you could use the LT6101 as your current sense amplifier, setting the gain with the input and output resistors. The resulting scaled voltage reflects the sensed current…