• RE: LTSketchbook of LTC2986-1

    Hi  ,

    I would suggest trying to get data from the Demo Software of the LTC2986-1 first. Check that your configuration is valid using the "Check configuration" button. After verifying that your configuration is valid, proceed to run the…

  • RE: Temperature Sensor-RTD-LTC2986

    Hi   a hard fault is when the sensor is outside of the allowable bounds - for example an open or shorted RTD should produce a hard fault. Similarly if there is a short on the Rsense. 

    With the part powered-on but idle, you can measure the components…

  • LTC2986/2986-1

    I have couple of questions related to the LTC2986/2986-1 

    1)As for the anti-aliasing capacitor, it is recommended to be 100pf in the data sheet and that's the value you have used in the evaluation boards DC2618A and DC2508A, however in the datasheet…

  • Capacitor for LTC2986 VREFOUT

    • I have a design based on the LTC2986, but currently having trouble about capacitors of VREFOUT.

      The design files, including Gerbers and PDF artwork, as well as PDF schematic can be found on the DC2608A, but I am confused about the capacitor of VREFOUT…

  • FAQ: The LTM2985 is software compatible with the LTC2986-1. How are they different?


    The LTM2985 is software compatible with the LTC2986-1. How are they different?


    The LTM2985 has a 5kV isolation barrier. This additional feature isolates digital communication signals from analog inputs.

  • LTC2986 grounded thermocouples


    We have an application where we need to measure temperatures with unshielded, welded K-type thermocouples. The thermocouples are spot-welded onto a conductive surface, so the thremocoules are grounded. In a different application the thermocouples…

  • LTC298X ADC Internal Clocking and LTC2984/LTC2986 Universal Typical Application Example


    I just want to confirm the following: 

    1.The internal ADC's on the LTC298X parts are clocked by an internal oscillator and not through a derivative of the SPI clock? 
    I figure it would be illogical for a register based part like this to draw its conversion…

  • LTC2986 measure differential thermocouple with universal input circuitry

    I'm planning to use a LTC2986 to measure a bunch of different sensor types with only one hardware setup. In the datasheet I found a schematic of a typical application (last page) which seems to work just fine for my application. I was just wondering…

  • Rsense accuracy for LTC2986 and other questions


    I'm looking to use a LTC2986 to measure Pt100 RTDs and wanted to know the accuracy requirement for the Rsense to meet the temperature error specifications. I couldn't find the error contribution anywhere in the datasheet but I guess since it's…

  • Schematic for LTC2986

    Where can I get good resolution copies of the LTC2986 artwork, at least the top layer silkscreen and/or schematic?

    It would be great if someone can provide it.