• LTC2984 fault


    I am FAE in Japanese distoributor.

    Our customer evaluates LTC2984 using Thermistor and fond  D[31:24]=0 sometimes.

    Could you advice some of the causes?

    Best regards


  • LTC2984 always returns the following for temperature measurements 0xFF 0xF0 0x64 0x00

    I am using the LTC2984 with the Experimenter Board 2210A. I am using a diode for cold junction measurement: MMBT3904. With a type K thermocouple. I am unable to use the diode in either single ended or differential. I have used the same setup code for…

  • LTC2984 missing readout values

    I have LTC2984 Eval board kit DC2420-KIt and am using the provided example code to readout the temperature. 

    However, the value of "scaled result" does not have equidistant possible outputs, see image, there are gaps every 3 or 4 steps. The value =raw_conversion_result…

  • LTC2984 Sensor Calibrate

    Dear All:

    We use LTC2984 demo board P/NDC2420A-KIT to test K-type & PT100 performance ,but found K-Type sensor data error it's need re-calibrate in LTC2984 system?? have any suggestion provide to me? thanks

    CH3: K-type .CH9:PT100



  • LTC2984 TC CJ Diode Overrange


    I am using the Demo board for the LTC2983 to test both RTD and TC (Type K) circuits. 
    I figured out what I was doing wrong to get the RTDs to work so that is fine.

    However, I am trying to get the TypeK TCs to work to no avail. I have made sure I…

  • RE: LTC2984 - control of ADC1, ADC2 and ADC3 configuration...

    Is there anyone that can assist with this request?  I am happy to discuss offline via email if needed.

  • LTC2984 temperature output resolution using demo code...

    I am currently using the DC2420A demo kit (with LTC2984) to measure temperature.  When I graph the data using the graph button, I see 3 decimals of resolution in the data.  However, when I use the automatic code generation and upload this code to the Linduino…

  • LTC2984/LTC2983 Measure RTD/Thermistor with 3 Connections


    i'm currently looking for an opportunity to save an additonal pin in my design. I'm using the LTC2983 Testbench Tool to evaluate different configurations.

    Variant A is used throughout the documentation as one way to interface a PT-100 RTD…

  • LTC2984 and 4-wire thermistor measurement?

    I would like to use mux chips for measuring many (over 100) thermistors.  The mux chips have too much Ron resistance to provide accurate measurements for each thermistor.  Can I use the 4-wire measurement method (like RTD) but still configure as a thermistor…