• LTC2984 heating problem

    The LTC2984 is powered on and heats up, causing the circuit board to not work properly.My circuit diagram is as follows.

    After testing, I found that the IC's charge pump pin Q3 is shorted to ground, and its resistance is only 12Ω. At the same time, in…

  • ltc2984 frame

    what is the exact sequence and frame to read the temperature from ltc2984 

  • ltc2984 dedicated rtd board

    as per datasheet of ltc2984  what is exactly delay between bytes and what is frame byte require one by one

  • RE: LTC2984 - control of ADC1, ADC2 and ADC3 configuration...

    Hi Jonathan, 

    All the three measurements are external to the IC. However, I don't think you'll be able to sample 3 different temperature sensors simultaneously as the part just wasn't designed to do that. For example, if you configure the unit to read a…

  • RE: LTC2984 2 wire and 3 wire RTD interchangeable connection

    Hi  ,

    The term "OPTIONAL" in the page 40 of the LTC2984 datasheet means that the pin is either grounded or left floating depending on the configuration of the Rsense. If the Rsense is shared, the pin should be left floating. The pin should be grounded…

  • LTC2984 fault


    I am FAE in Japanese distoributor.

    Our customer evaluates LTC2984 using Thermistor and fond  D[31:24]=0 sometimes.

    Could you advice some of the causes?

    Best regards


  • LTC2984 always returns the following for temperature measurements 0xFF 0xF0 0x64 0x00

    I am using the LTC2984 with the Experimenter Board 2210A. I am using a diode for cold junction measurement: MMBT3904. With a type K thermocouple. I am unable to use the diode in either single ended or differential. I have used the same setup code for…

  • LTC2984 missing readout values

    I have LTC2984 Eval board kit DC2420-KIt and am using the provided example code to readout the temperature. 

    However, the value of "scaled result" does not have equidistant possible outputs, see image, there are gaps every 3 or 4 steps. The value =raw_conversion_result…

  • LTC2984 Sensor Calibrate

    Dear All:

    We use LTC2984 demo board P/NDC2420A-KIT to test K-type & PT100 performance ,but found K-Type sensor data error it's need re-calibrate in LTC2984 system?? have any suggestion provide to me? thanks

    CH3: K-type .CH9:PT100



  • LTC2984 TC CJ Diode Overrange


    I am using the Demo board for the LTC2983 to test both RTD and TC (Type K) circuits. 
    I figured out what I was doing wrong to get the RTDs to work so that is fine.

    However, I am trying to get the TypeK TCs to work to no avail. I have made sure I…