• Ltc2984/86

    I want to calibrate ltc2984/86 temperature measurement ic. Is there any procedure or any algorithm to do. Like two-point calibration or single-point calibration. How can I reduce the offset error of ltc2984/86?

  • LTC2984 Thermocouple Wiring

    I'm designing a PCB using the LTC2984 IC. I'm planning on reading as many K-type thermocouples as possible with a diode as the cold junction.

    I've attached the thermocouple wiring suggestion in the LTC2984 datasheet above. I have 2 questions…

  • LTC2984 missing readout values

    I have LTC2984 Eval board kit DC2420-KIt and am using the provided example code to readout the temperature. 

    However, the value of "scaled result" does not have equidistant possible outputs, see image, there are gaps every 3 or 4 steps. The value =raw_conversion_result…

  • LTC2984 Sensor Calibrate

    Dear All:

    We use LTC2984 demo board P/NDC2420A-KIT to test K-type & PT100 performance ,but found K-Type sensor data error it's need re-calibrate in LTC2984 system?? have any suggestion provide to me? thanks

    CH3: K-type .CH9:PT100



  • STM32 LTC2984 Application

    My desingn problems when i use stm32 driver the LTC2984,the LTC2984 work unnormal,all the config datas generate by ltc2984 demo,but the return data of each channel alway -9999,and sensor 

    error adc error and so on

  • LTC2984 STM32驱动

    我现在用的是LTC2984,上电延时后读取状态寄存器的的值,【主机从SDI 发读命令字节:0x03 状态寄存器地址: 0x00 0x00 然后读SDO输出的数据,SDO依次返回了 0x03 0x00 0x00 +状态寄存器的数据 】但返回状态寄存器的值总是0,看了遍资料也没头绪,请高手指点下我吧

  • LTC2984+STM32 Application

    My design STM32+LTC2984,After Power ON,we read the status register,the return val always 0x00

  • LTC2984 excitation current


    Our customer will use LTC2984 because of measuring eight  3wire RTD.

    Could you teach me about below question ?


    We use shared Rsense for measuring eight 3wire RTD.

    I think that  excitation current ( 50uA)   flow s  each RTD and 50uA**2*8 flows Rsense…

  • ltc2984 ic failure conditions

    Am using ltc2984 multi channel sensor in my applications it is a customized Pcb but component and schimatic i adopted from ltc2984 evaluation board . After assembling  its working fine it showing temperature  readings also but suddenly it stopped not showing…

  • LTC2984 Open circuit Detect

    I enabled the Open circuit detect in LTC2984 but this made the readings unstable. What should be the value of resistance and capacitance for the RC filter at the input for stable readings?

    I am measuring Thermocouple millivolts using LTC2984.