• LTC2983 running hot; incorrect "cold joint" temp

    During a bench test, where a heat gun was used to increase the temperature of a type J thermocouple, reported temperature exceeded 500 C and insulation near the tip of the probe started to melt.
    After this test, room temperature / cold joint has been reported…

  • ltc2983 cold junction compensation


    Could you help to explain more on the cold junction compensation?

  • LTC2983 20ch Type-T Thermocouple maximum scan rate


    I would like to use LTC2983 or 2984 for Type T thermocouple measurements.
    10 sensors (full usage of 20ch and no capacitor filtering at inputs).
    Also only 2 conversion method, no need for open wire detection. 

    What is the fastest rate I could scan…

  • LTC2984/LTC2983 Measure RTD/Thermistor with 3 Connections


    i'm currently looking for an opportunity to save an additonal pin in my design. I'm using the LTC2983 Testbench Tool to evaluate different configurations.

    Variant A is used throughout the documentation as one way to interface a PT-100 RTD…

  • Quikeval LTC2983 -999 measurements

    I cant get the quikeval program with LTC2983 to stop giving me -999 measurements. It worked in January with the Demo Circuit 2210A for measurement of a PT-1000 resistor with a 2000k Ohm Rsense. Now we have manual wiring to the reistors instead of the…

  • RE: LTC2983 Ground Issues


    Apologies for missing this item. I am not sure if it still relevant to you that this question will be answered, However, we are clearing up some open items in our community and ensure that any query is located on its proper community as others who have…

  • LTC2983 for custom diode

    I am using the LTC2983  to get temperature of a specific device designed by another team.

    Basically they implemented a kind of diode. They ask me to provide a 10[uA] excitation current and to measure the voltage at the diode.
    (I have a specific formula…

  • LTC2983 Demo Board


    I'm using a LTC2983 demo board with LTC2983 Testbench program.

    Demo Board: 2026C + 2209A + 2210A

    Hardware connection: CH1-- 2k sense resistor -- CH2, RTD PT-100 sensor => CH2, CH3, CH4 connected, COM connected to GND pin

    When I run the…

  • LTC2983 Error reporting question, 4 wire connection, PT1000, Kelvin Rsense, Rsense sharing


    We are using LTC2983 to measure the temperature on four PT1000 probes connected by 4 wires to LTC, Rsense connection is Kelvin type (5 kOhm). Below you can find scheme:

    Measurements work properly, but we noticed that disconnecting specific cable…

  • RE: LTC2983 & Device Tree (ZynqMP Ultarscale+ ADRV9009-ZU11EG)


    So I've made changes to the HDL to define the SPI pins and the dts file to include the ltc2983 properties definition. I've also rebuilt the kernel image with the device drivers enabled. However, the spi does not seem to link to the driver.…