• LTC2983 Datasheet mistake

    Figure 12 (3-Wire RTD example) of the LTC2983 datasheet shows a capacitor on Ch6 even though it also shows that this channel should be grounded. The capacitor is pointless but I want to be sure there was not some other mistake when I design my board to…

  • LTC2983 Thermocouple temperature offset


    I´m currently building a little measurement system with, among others, a LTC2983 for measuring 20 Type K thermocouples single wired.

    I have the issue, that all channels seem to have a offset of about 6 to 7 deegree. I get similar results…

  • LTC2983 temperature board

    Hello, I am testing the LTC2983 connected to a Teensy 3.6 and the values of the temperature (RTD, PT100, 2wire) are always floating and not stable.

    I need your help to define the problem. Thank you so much.

  • LTC2983 grounded thermocouples - how to?

    I am trying to understand how to use grounded thermocouples with the LTC2983.

    When I say "grounded thermocouple" I mean a thermocouple where the TC ("hot") joint makes contact with its casing. In this particular case, the type J probe terminates on a…

  • LTC2983 one probe shadowing temps of another

    I am testing an LTC2983 for engine CHT and EGT temperature measurement.

    The LTC2983 is connected to an Arduino through ISP.

    I have two type J thermocouples connected, one with differential measurement, the other with single wire.

    The two probes are connected…



    I was working on a project and it required me to record temperature values. Initially, I used 4 RTD's with the step up as follows and it was working fine. The excitation current used was 50uA

    Now, I need to use 6 RTD's but I can only fit 5 RTD…

  • LTC2983


    I am using the LTC2983 to make temperature measurements using RTD sensors.  I have noticed that for an identical setup, the results of temperature or resistance for 3-wire configuration appear to be inherently more variable (noisy) than the equivalent…

  • LTC2983 running hot; incorrect "cold joint" temp

    During a bench test, where a heat gun was used to increase the temperature of a type J thermocouple, reported temperature exceeded 500 C and insulation near the tip of the probe started to melt.
    After this test, room temperature / cold joint has been reported…

  • ltc2983 cold junction compensation


    Could you help to explain more on the cold junction compensation?

  • LTC2983 20ch Type-T Thermocouple maximum scan rate


    I would like to use LTC2983 or 2984 for Type T thermocouple measurements.
    10 sensors (full usage of 20ch and no capacitor filtering at inputs).
    Also only 2 conversion method, no need for open wire detection. 

    What is the fastest rate I could scan…