• LTC2983 memory data


    Can LTC2983 data memory (0x030~0x033) be read once and then read again ?

     Will the data in LTC2983 data memory (0x030~0x033) disappear if it is not read for a few days?

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  • RE: LTC2983

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    3-wire RTDs are inherently noisier than 4-wire RTDs. 3-wire RTDs assume that the resistances of all the lead wires are equal, therefore any mismatch in the resistance of the lead wires leads to error. 4-wire RTDs on the other hand uses the current…

  • RE: LTC2983 temperature board

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    Have you tried using the LTC2983 Demo software? The demo software enables you to check if your connections are valid, and it also creates a c file that you can use as a guide when programming your Teensy 3.6. You could also check the datashe…

  • RE: LTC2983 Datasheet mistake

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    Sorry for the confusion. As it can be seen in the Figure 11 of the datasheet, the ground at Ch6 is optional (should be left floating when sharing the Rsense). Therefore you should connect Ch6 either to ground or the capacitor, but not to…

  • LTC2983 Thermocouple temperature offset


    I´m currently building a little measurement system with, among others, a LTC2983 for measuring 20 Type K thermocouples single wired.

    I have the issue, that all channels seem to have a offset of about 6 to 7 deegree. I get similar results…

  • LTC2983 development board, occasional problems reading the K thermocouple

    I have the DEMO CIRCUIT 2026C connected to 2209A LTC2983 board and that is connected to the 2210A experimental board.  I have the system setup as follows:

    I have the input of the thermocouple grounded and its connected to either a K-TC simulator and…

  • Two independent LTC2983 with only one sensor


    Could i measure one RTD or TC with using two independent LTC2983,

    Because of the current issue, i can measure sensor in different times,

  • LTC2983 Still returning -999, using Arduino Due and Demo board 2210A


    I'm trying to make my Arduino Due work with the Demo board 2210A, but it's look like I can't!

    The communication seems to be ok, since if I remove it, I have an error, and if I remove the 2210A from the 2209A I have another type of…

  • RE: LTC2983 Error reporting question, 4 wire connection, PT1000, Kelvin Rsense, Rsense sharing

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    The bit D24 just reports if the conversion cycle was finished, and the conversion result is ready to be read. Disconnecting either CH2 or CH3 won't report an error, as the ADC is still able to read the differential voltage between the connected…

  • LTC2983 grounded thermocouples - how to?

    I am trying to understand how to use grounded thermocouples with the LTC2983.

    When I say "grounded thermocouple" I mean a thermocouple where the TC ("hot") joint makes contact with its casing. In this particular case, the type J probe terminates on a…