• LTC2977 Triming status when DC/DC load transient


    We use LTC2977 to trim DC/DC(LTM4650) with an external feedback network.

    When the load transient, if LTC2977 exactly monitor the pulse (for example, 6mV diviation), if LTC2977 adjust its DAC to trim DC/DC ? Because the DC/DC will return back after…

  • LTC2977_Differential Input Current


    What is the minimum differential input current for the LTC2977?

    The typical value is 10 uA.

  • RE: LTC2977 fast servo mode

    The ADC provides a new conversion result to the servo at the rate of tUPDATE_ADC.  In slow servo mode, the servo block looks at this result and increments/decrements the DAC 1 LSB toward the target (VOUT_COMMAND). In this mode, the servo updates at the…

  • LTC2977_inputcurrent


    Tell us about the LTC2977.

    Please tell me the min value of 「Diffrential Input Current」 described on page 6 of the data sheet.

    The typical value is described as 10uA.

  • How to Retrieve Code Stored in EEPROM for LTC2977?

    I have a customer who needs to replace one of the LTC2977's on their board. The problem is, they lost the configuration data file that was initially downloaded from their PC to the LTC2977's internal EEPROM. The good news is, they have another 2977 on…

  • RE: LTC2977 SHARE_CLK pin

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • LTPowerplay

    When my version of LTPowerplay boots up I do not get a current Tab next to the Voltage Tab (version the project consists of a LTM2987 and a LTC2977,



  • LTC2977 Vout enable pin behavior without power supply


       I would like to ask about Vout Enable Output Pin state when LTC2977 is not powered up. Does it behave as pull-down (weak or strong) or is simply floating. The output circuit schematics will be very helpful.

  • RE: lt2977

    Hi Wuxie,

        There are several options for keeping the LTC2977 powered to sequence down the system power supplies in an orderly fashion. The development board does not address this concern, so you will have to add additional circuits. The simplest is to…

  • LTPowerPlay negative VOUT_COMMAND

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Part of my design incorporates an LTC2977 PMBus manager where one DAC outputs feeds the SET node (nominally -5V) of LT3090, a negative voltage regulator. I would like to servo the DAC to maintain/margin the SET node at or near…