Hi Aravind,

    If you have the proper configuration set, it is possible to do this. The 2977 will throw status faults which could be confusing.  How do you determine whether you have a real fault?  With such a design, I think you give up the ability to use…

  • LTC2977

    After reading the LTC2977, does this device actually allow user to monitor and control up to 8 power supply outputs.
    I'm using eight of AC/DC and DC/DC in the range of 5v to 40v. Both positive and negative voltages.

    The device can track all eight power…


    The LTC2977 is fine-tuning the DCDC output.

    When the servo is turned on, if the DCDC output voltage is also quite large with the LTC2977 set value, the DAC output will rise (saturate) to 1.38V.
    If this happens, the DAC output will saturate for a few seconds…

  • LTC2977 VOUT_EN


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer evaluates LTC2977 and gives me a question. Regarding VOUT_EN[3:0], we don't understand what the purpose of "Output High Voltage Optionally Pulled Up to 12V by 5μA" ? For example, if pulling up at 3.3V, is the idea…

  • LTC2977 Connecting to DC1613A


    I'm designing custom board using LTC2977 and I'd like to put connector to program LTC2977 by DC1613A.

    This board has 5V supply connected to VPWR pin on LTC2977. 

    In this case, is it possible to program LTC2977 using DC1613A and in the absence…


    I want to set up to try unlimited power up

    Try1: If "TON_MAX_FAULT_RESPONSE" is set to Ignore, an error will occur in LTpowerplay DRC

    Try2: Datasheet P37 stated that the TON_MAX_FAULT_LIMIT value should be 0.
    However, if set to 0, an error will…

  • LTC2977 AN145

    Described in Application Note AN145


    When writing with Option 1C,
    Is it written to RAM or NVM?

  • LTC2977 Enable pins mapping


    In the LTC2977, are the enable pins VOUT_EN [0:7] mapped to VSENSE[0:7] and VDAC[0:7]. 

    If I'm using VSENSEP0,VSENSEM0 and VDACP0,VDACM0 for controlling the 5V POL, can I use VOUT_EN1 for enabling the 5V POL? 

  • LTC2977 SHARE_CLK pin


    Are there any problem ,which SHARE_CLK pin(pin 21) left open when one LTC2977 using?


    SHARE_CLK pin need 5.49Kohm pull up to VDD33 in every case even if one LTC2977 using?

    I can't understood how relate between SHARE_CLK pin status and TON_DELAY…



    We are using LTC 2977 in our design for sequencing power monitoring and sequencing.

    When we try to access the IC with the help of DC1513A, we are getting CML_MEMORY_FAULT Error, We tried changing the I2C operating frequency, and followed instructions…