Is it reset if I issue RESTORE_USER_ALL on the LTC2977?

    When I pressed the NVM to RAM button on LTpowerPlay, it seemed to be reset, so I asked.

    The I2C pull-up voltage is connected to the power supply generated by Vout_EN (output High when VIN is started…

  • LTC2977 Power Down and Vin_en

    Can the LTC2977 be configured to sequence power supplies down and then disable a intermediate bus supply.


    can the Vin_en pin be connected to something like the LTC2953 push button on/off controller to shutdown power

    after all the power supplies connected…

  • Simulation flow for LTC2977

    Hi all,

    I am trying to simulate LTC2977 as a power sequencer using LT Power Play.Can anyone provide any information regarding simulation flow for LTC2977?


    KN Ganendra Murthy

    Light Speed AI Labs


    Even the output voltage is within the limits(Without any spikes) the software says "VOUT_OV_FAULT".

    Verified- by enabling "Ignore OV fault" I'm getting the same error.

    Below are the screenshots for your reference

    Thanks in advanc…
  • Managing Output Voltage ADP1764 LDO with LTC2977

    I need to manage several ADP1764 LDOs using LTC2977 sequencer. Adjusting the output voltage of the ADP1794 can be done with an IDAC, however the LTC2977 has VDAC.

    Can you suggest an easy connection between the LTC2977 and the VADJ pin of the ADP1764?

    1. LTC2977- Ton delay

      Hi All,

      I have given a time delay of 1ms in PSM tool debugger, But the time delay it takes is 130ms, Is there any settings I'm i missing?

      Thanks in advance

    2. LTC2977 EEPROM program problem.


      I want to program the EEPROM of device LTC2977. The LTC2977 and our programmer machine are connected by an hardware adapter.

      The programmer write the  device LTC2977 by I2C interface.

      Now the algorithm can read the right value of registers PMBus_REVISION…

    3. LTC2977 out of stock in indian markets

      Hi team can you please provide the info about part 

      LTC2977 why it is showing out of stock in indian markets  please share me the alternate part which in stock

    4. LTC2977 output of PWRGD pin


      I have a question about output of LTC2977's PWRGD pin when I set MFR_PWRGD_EN to 0x0000.

      In this case, there is no channel affecting the PWRGD pin, which is pulling up to VDD33, so PWRGD pin will always remain low logic, is that correct?


    5. LTC2977 FAULT


      Can we use fault pins of LTC2977 as input and connect it to power good signals from regulator.?

      So if the voltage of a particular regulator connected to fault pin is in desired range,than only next voltage will be enabled by LTC2977.