• [LTC2974] About multi-LTC2974 connectivity.

    Hi ADI support team. There are some questions about multi-LTC2974 application. Could you help give some suggestion.

    1. For multi-LTC2974 usage, Can VDD33 of the all LTC2974s be tied together as followed figure?

    2. I don’t understand the Figure 38. DC1613…

  • 【LTC2974】What is the selection principle of current sensing resistance of ltc2974?

    Hi ADI support team.

    What is the selection principle of current sensing resistance of ltc2974? Is there an optimal Risense range for different current values?


  • LTC2972 vs LTC2974

    Hi ALL!

    There is 2 and 4 channels of the PMBus controllers and they seem to be the same BUT 2972 doesn't support the overcurrent fault detection and shut down ability of the respective rail.
    It measures the current, detects the overcurrent alarm like…


    Dear Mike,

    I'm working at distributor. My customer also faces this problem. They have 20 pcs failed bought from China trader.

    Please advise which conditions could make LTC2974 memory fail?

    Can we confirm the genuine parts getting from ADI factories…

  • LTC2974 Automatic detection

    Hello.I have a question. please tell me.

    The designed board is equipped with an LTC2974.

    I will write to the LTC2974 via DC1613A.

    Also, 5V is applied to Vpwr, and VDD33=3.3V and VDD25=2.5V can be confirmed.

    However, when I connect the DC1613A to the…

  • [LTC2974]Some questions about VOUT_ENx output format.

    Hi ADI support team.


    I employ LTC2974 in my new FPGA design to control the sequence of power on/off. I studied the datasheet and had some questions regarding the VOUT_ENx usage. Could you help clarify them?

     There are some statements of VOUT_ENx as following…

  • LTC2974 current sensing filter


    I'm designing a controlled voltage source for 4 channels using a LTC2974 to control four LT3012 LDOs.

    My question it's about current sensing ports. In the datasheet defines how to measure the current with a shunt resistor that includes a filter…

  • LTC2974 PWRGD pin assert delay

    Hi,Support team

    I'm evaluating DC1978A(LTC2974 demo board kit).

    Regarding PWRGD pin,There seems to be a delay of  >140 msec after all power rails goes up.

    I tried "Mfr_config_all_pwrgd_off_uses_uv = 1" and "MFR_POWERGOOD_ ASSERTION_DELAY = 0ms"…

  • LTC2974 TSENSEn pin


    The data sheet recommends connecting unused TSENSEn pins to GND.

    However, the temperature sense inputs (TSENSEn) may be left floating.

    In this case, the temperature reported on floating TSENSEn inputs will be the internal die temperature.

    Are there…

  • LTPowerPlay I2C Base Addressing

    My question is regarding the DC1962C demo board. I'm using LT power play to communicate with it via the DC1613A programming pod. 

    I looked at the schematic and saw for the LTC2974, the ASEL1 pin is tied LOW and ASEL0 is tied HIGH. The Address look…