• LTM4650A & LTC2971 application issue


    I am ADI DFAE of Anstek from Taiwan,
    My customer has one application that is Vin=12V/ Vout=1.4V~1.6V (use program control output voltage) / Iout = 300A.
    So we will use the LTM4650A + LTC2971 in this application.
    We have two issue as following:
    1. I don…

  • LTC2971 VOUT_SNS1 About the maximum voltage

    Let me ask you a question about the LTC2971.

    There was an example of using step-down DCDC in the data sheet,
    Can it be used with step-up(Boost) DCDC?

    (Is it used under the condition that the input voltage to the ADC is higher than the power supply voltage…

  • RE: LTC2977

    Hi  Tom,

    Yes, the 2977 is able to monitor and control eight power supplies. The chip only monitors DC voltages.  Maybe you can provide more info on the AC/DC converter, or send a diagram.

    The 'control' aspect is enabling and disabling the individual supplies…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2020 年 10 月)

  • 精彩回顾丨组团亮相 APEC 2019,ADI Power by Linear 明星阵容集结

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    今年 APEC 2019上,ADI 携Power by Linear解决方案参展,与来自世界各地的数百名参展人员探讨技术发展。今天,斑竹为大家搜集了展会上的精彩演示视频,快跟斑竹一起一饱眼福吧~