• RE: LTC2955-1 Power Down by ON input.

    Ref "ON Pin Turn-Off Sequence" in the data sheet. "The ON pin falling edge can start the turn-off sequence only if the following two conditions are met: (1) The preceding turn-on sequence was initiated by the ON pin rising edge, and (2) The SEL pin must…

  • RE: LTC2955-2 INT pin


    Can i leave the INT# pin open.

    You can leave the INT pin open. Please refer to fig#9 on the page#14 of the datasheet. 

    And how will the system turn on automatically

    Can you elaborate on this? Do you want to disable the Push…

  • LTC2955-1 occasionally ignores !PB input

    I'm having difficulties with LTC2955-1, where occasionally the chip doesn't respond to !PB input. Typically Vin = 7.3V and !PB = 4.7V unloaded. All other pins = 0V. Shorting !PB to GND has no effect, no output on EN. I apply many short pulses to !PB,…

  • LTC2955-2 soft start


    I plan to use LTC2955-2 as push button controller.

    My input voltage in 28.8V nominal. I have a 400uF capacitor at the input load. On simulation for LT spice i observe an inrush current of 160A.

    Does chip offer a configuration for soft start or slow…

  • RE: A battery system solution. Can I combine these all together?


    So you want the push button to switch on the system load regardless of which source is powering the system load, correct? And you want protection against over-discharging the battery? Do you need the reverse battery protection feature as well…

  • RE: LTC2955-1 auto-turn-on disabled with 1 second VIN removal

    When you remove the Vin (battery) for LTC2955 and plug it back in, you do not get tEN(LOCKOUT). That's like power cycling the part and you have to go through the complete turn on sequence.

    Instead try using KILL signal or ON signal to turn off the…

  • LTC2955-1 ignores !PB input


    У меня проблемы с LTC2955-1, чип не реагирует на вход! PB. Vin = 5 В и! PB = 0,5 В без нагрузки. ! ON и! SEL  = 0V. Короткое замыкание! PB на GND не имеет никакого эффекта, нет выхода на EN. Я применяю много коротких импульсов к! PB, много длинных…

  • LTC2955-1 PB# Discharge issue

    In the datasheet of LTC2955-1, "automatic power up with pushbutton ON/OFF" control application is given on page no 22. While implementing the application when the device is turned off by the push button, I can't be switch it ON by the mains switch for…

  • LTC2955 - What happens if the "ON" pin is left open?

    Wondering if the device will be ON?  OFF?  Maybe ON or OFF?

  • RE: LTC3350: Step-up Mode Doesn't Enable During Power Interruption


    I updated my pcb regards to application note. I think I can test the new board in one month, then i will write here.

    Also, I realized something. Here is new scope.

    (Purple: Input voltage, Yellow: Hold-up output voltage, Blue: 5V regulator output…