• LTC2955-2 not working

    LTC2955-2 is either not working during the first power ON or goes into a faulty state after working for some time.
    In the fault state, VIN = 3.9V, PB pin goes low when the switch SW1 is pressed but EN (pin#7) as well as INT (pin#8) stays at high and never…

  • LTC2955-1 Push Button Press Duration

    I want to implement the LTC2955-1 in our company project and would like to know the following.

    1. Am I correct to assume that if the Vin(wall-adapter) is connected to the ON pin of the LTC2955-1, then it automatically drives the output after a 32ms delay…

  • LTC2955工作时引脚输出电压不对,PB脚直接10V电压输出,


  • LTC2955 Question

    Does the INT pin go low when the pushbutton is pressed for OFF condition then goes high after the TMR runs out and at that time EN is disabled?

    I am asking if the INT proceeds the EN shutdown to notify the device of a coming powerdown.


  • RE: LTC2955-2 Enable not pulled low as expected

    The issue got resolved after connecting the KILL pin to VCC_VBAT power rail

  • LTC2955-1 occasionally ignores !PB input

    I'm having difficulties with LTC2955-1, where occasionally the chip doesn't respond to !PB input. Typically Vin = 7.3V and !PB = 4.7V unloaded. All other pins = 0V. Shorting !PB to GND has no effect, no output on EN. I apply many short pulses to !PB,…

  • LTC2955-2 /KILL pin pull-up resistor

    We have a 300k pull-up resistor connected to the VIN pin of the LTC2955-2. However the datasheet seems to show the pull-up resistor being connected after the series switch that the LTC2955-2 controls. The only advantage I can see connecting it here is…

  • LTC2955-2 glitces on /INT and /KILL

    Has anyone experienced false shutdowns due to glitches on the /INT and /KILL pins?

    Our /INT and /KILL connects direct to a microcontroller. We have an internal pull-up on the /INT pin in the micro and 300k external pull-up resistor to VIN on the /KILL…

  • LTC2955-2 INT pin

    Can i leave the INT# pin open. And how will the system turn on automatically

  • LTC2955-1 ignores !PB input


    У меня проблемы с LTC2955-1, чип не реагирует на вход! PB. Vin = 5 В и! PB = 0,5 В без нагрузки. ! ON и! SEL  = 0V. Короткое замыкание! PB на GND не имеет никакого эффекта, нет выхода на EN. Я применяю много коротких импульсов к! PB, много длинных…