• can i replace ltc2950 with ltc2954

    i have used ltc2950 but i have found that it gives only 1024ms after push button is pressed for microprocessor housekeeping ,

    Can i just replace ltc2950 with ltc2954 in my pcb .as i don't want any limit of time during shutdown.

    can LTC2954 wait for…

  • LTC2954 - powering down inadvertently

    We have a LTC2954 as a switch for a device mounted in a vehicle, but not attached to power.  Its powered by lithium batteries.  On occasion, it seems that the switch is disabling power, yet the kill line is not asserted by the microprocessor, and it doesn…

  • LTC2954 application (Period, Temperature)

    We have a request for Embedded PC application.
    For not mistrigger the EC, need a pushbuttom to control the period of startup and shut down.
    The sequence is showed below,
    Pushbuttom startup during period->EN high DC-DC->Trigger EC->PC startup


  • Need help verifying LTC2954-2 design

    We made some mistakes with our previous design for the LTC2954-2 push button power controller and are now on our second design iteration but need help verifying everything is valid.

    Below is our schematic:


    1. we are basing our design off the "Figure…

  • LTC2954-2 is partially enabling power when it should be completely OFF

    We are following the simple application note for the LTC2954-2 but notice that when the button is not pressed we are measuring about 500 - 650 mV output from the pfet going to the Vin of the regulator.

    Measurements before button pressed:

    1. LTC2954-2…

  • RE: LTC2937 ON Pin control circuitry

    Hi blovell,

    thank you for your answer. The idea was to configure the op-amp as a comparator, therefore the signal on the ON pin would be digital. But the LTC2954 has a integrated nmos pull-down driver, which is exactly what the ON pin needs to be connected…