• LTC2953-1


    I would like to use this part number in my design LTC2953-1, but I'm not sure if the -1 it's the right part number.

    I'm going to activate 2 DC-DCs with positive EN pin.

    Could anyone help me?

    Best regards.

  • LTC2952 vs LTC2953

    Dear all,

    I would like to replace LTC2953 and LTC4412 by LTC2952, however I am not sure if the interrupt function in LTC2952 works the same as the LTC2953, meaning that I could send interrupt to the microcontroller each time I press the push button provided…

  • LTC2953-1 Help Understanding disabling certain pins URGENT


    I am hoping to use this on the project to power up a DCDC converter but later down the line have the option to connect it a micro controller, but for the time being we want to use it without a micro controller.

    Essentially we want to turn on…

  • LTSPICE LTC2953-1 model has wrong polarity on /PFO output

    I've been modeling a power supply controller using the LTC2953-1 SPICE Model on LTSPICE XVII and I've found that the /PFO output behaves opposite as indicated in the datasheet, /PFO is High when /PFI is below 0.5V instead of being Low. 

  • How to connect ADT6401 to a LTC2953-1 for thermal cutout switch URGENT


    We are using the LTC2953-1 as a switch without a MCU to control a DCDC Converter, the board does get warm and as a safety factor we are to implement a thermal switch off.

    I was thinking of using something from the Analog line like the  and connecting…

  • RE: Help with LTC4367-1 due to resistor values and lockout voltages Confidential request

    I have just sent an email we have the same issue with LTC2953-1