• LTC2952 with incorrect push button

    Dear EZ,

    I use LTC2952 in configuration B in many my circuits and it works flawlessly.

    Now I have a task to create a prioritized power path controller not with a push button but with a rotary switch with "make before break" functionality. Due to some…

  • LTC2952 vs LTC2953

    Dear all,

    I would like to replace LTC2953 and LTC4412 by LTC2952, however I am not sure if the interrupt function in LTC2952 works the same as the LTC2953, meaning that I could send interrupt to the microcontroller each time I press the push button provided…

  • LTC2953 with multiple sources

    I want to use the LTC2953-1 in our project that requires the following function

    1. When the wall-adapter power is connected, LTC2952 should AUTOMATICALLY enable the Output without needing to press the push-button driving the DC-DC

    2. When the wall-adapter…

  • RE: Power Paths selector


    please have a look on our LTC4421 or LTC4418, both take care on the dual power path issue. No PushButton feature on board. MCU would not be required, LTC44XX choose themself (criteria configured by externals) which battery to feed through.


  • Reload bitstream in Zc706 on the fly from ARM

    We are developing  a custom design on Zc706 EVM using AD9680.

    I'd like to reload FPGA bitstreams on the fly from the ARM. But when I switch bitstreams the interface to the AD9680 no longer works.

    Inside /sys/bus/platform/drivers

    Xilinx Watchdog                axi…