• LTC2946 RSNS Sense Resistor

    I am using the LTC2946 device to measure and monitor the power, charge and energy into and out of a battery.

    To do so I intend to connect the battery output (+ve terminal) to a DC shunt, to produce the sense voltage required for the LTC2946 device.

  • LTC2946/LTC2945

    My application is to use the LTC 2946 in a serial connected string of batteries to measure total string current and voltage appliyng it in two distinct design:
    One for -48V as commoly used in telecom industry, and another one to be used to read from +4…

  • Regarding LTC2946 ,permits reverse current

    Hello Sir,

    LTC2946 was connected to battery with VIN and VOUT to load .Current will pass through VIN to VOUT that is fine.

    But while charging current will pass thourgh VOUT to VIN . Can current pass through like that or it will damage the ic ?

  • LTC2946 output questions

    I am using an LTC2946 as part of a final year Electrical and Computer Engineering project. I am communicating with the chip over I2C using an ATMega 328P. I can talk to the chip and read values from it however, the following question remain:

    1. How quickly…

  • LTC2946 reverse current measuring

    Hi Sir,

    We are connecting LTC2946 VIN to Battery +ve and VOUT to load. That time current will pass through VIN to VOUT.

    While charging the battery current will pass thourgh VOUT to VIN , Is this operate in reverse current.

    Thanks and regards


  • LTC2946 power monitor Vsense+ register

    Dear ADI FAE team:

    I am usint LTC2946 to measure the current&voltage in a project.i have 2 question as below,

    1.when i want to measure the voltage of  Vsense+,i cannot find the Vsense+ register in datasheet.the Vin register(addr:1EH&1FH ) is the data…

  • LTC2946 & LTC4380 - Sharing Current Sense Resistor

    I am already using LTC4380-4 at DC power input to my system. Configured for V_CLAMP=39.5V and I_OC=5A. I also want to have system-level power monitoring, and I have been looking at LTC2946 for this function. 

    My question is this: can LTC4380-4 and LTC2946…

  • LTC2946 without using the development board.


    I am working on a battery charging system and I would like to use the LTC2946. I am going to be using it with TEENSY 3.5. I could not find a library that I use without dealing with your DEMO kit. I do not need to go through the demo kit. I just…

  • LTC2946 Reset Timer and energy-counter

    There is no problem resetting the Minimum and Maximum Values but is there any way to reset the timer and the energy counter or to restart the hole chip?

    I tried to use example sketch in the Arduino IDE. Unfortunately the are two errors in the sketch…

  • Question about LTC2946-1 (datasheet 37 page)

    datasheet 37 page "6V to 300V High Side Power, Charge and Energy Monitor"

    What is the difference between FGND and GND symbol connect to Q3(2N3904)'s EMITTER?