• LTC2945 I2C max SCLK rate

    Hello ADI folks,

    I have a question regrading to the LTC2945 max SCLK rate.

    In the DS it is stated that max allowed SCLK is 400KHz, but it is under the Min column.

    Do you mean that 400KHz is the maximum guaranteed rate? Or 400KHz is the minimum rate to use…

  • RE: LTC2945 Sampling time

    Hi blovell,

    we are also looking for this LTC2945 device and I was happy to find this information in this chat. This info is missing in the data sheet in such a clear way. Regarding what you mentioned here on the averaging I have another question regarding…

  • LTC2945 Start-up

    Hello, I have a question about the LTC2945.
    My customer is considering the LTC2945.
    I received a question from a customer.

    How many mS after power-up is desired when the microcontroller accesses the LTC2945 via I2C?
    Or should the microcontroller retry until…

  • ltc2945-1无法通讯




  • LTC2945 RSHNT formula:

    Hi sir 

    For the bottom RSHNT formula, my customer replies to me and needs to know the RSHNT calculation method and application value.

    (1)  Vs_max and VS_Min  , How Vs_max and VS_Min choose this value

    (2)  -5.9 and -6.7 are fixed values that cannot be changed…

  • 关于LTC2945的问题




  • Full scale voltage read when reading continuously from LTC2945 power monitor


    We are using LTC2945 to monitor voltage ,current and power from a few sources.

    We need to continuously monitor the current ,voltage and power from four sources.

    We are using the in-built ltc2945 which come with the kernel. We use kernel version 4…

  • LTC2945 communicate problem in reading

    My schematic is simple as shown in datasheet, the VDD and INTVCC is powered by 3.3V.

    The master communicated with the slave by using the common Mass Writeaddress (1100 110b).
    When I read the REGISTER ADDRESS(02h) as figure 10, after the S(start), the…

  • 关于LTC2945的时序问题

    我按照LTC2945datasheet上的读说明,做的FPGA时序,这个是用signal tap 抓的仿真波形,可以看到,在写入设备地址(通用地址)和寄存器地址(command)时,LTC2945都进行了应答,但是在重新开始,再一次写入设备地址(通用地址)后,LTC2945不在应答。谁知道怎么回事吗?不胜感激!