• LTC2944

    Is there a method to use this device with the sense+ and - pins connected backwards? Sense+ is toward the battery.

  • LTC2944

    Our lithium battery information: 4 series 7 parallel, 3000mAH 18650 batteries.          

    Code Files of LTC2944 downloaded from the official website has encountered problems:           

    1. The coefficient of current conversion formula is inconsistent  In CODE, the formula…

  • LTC2944 Noise

    From the LTC2944 datasheet:

    How does one deal with the above noise in Current and ACR measurements? 

    My application is battery monitoring including SoC calculations for a 12V 100Ah Lithium battery with 110A max continuous load with 50mS pulses to 1200A…

  • Regarding usage of LTC2944

    I am designing electric circuit for an electric vehicle with a battery of 48V &130ah capacity. I need to measure state of charge of battery, so i decided to  use coulombic counting method to do that. So, i have chosen LTC2944 chip for my application…

  • LTC2944 and Arduino compatability


    I am currently working on a coulomb counter/battery gas gauge for my senior design project. The battery we are using is a 36V, 20Ah Li-Ion battery (8 - parallel, 10-series) that will be dissipating 5A max. We want to use the LTC2944 battery gas gauge…

  • LTC2944 Corrupted Control Register

    I am using the LTC2944 in a low power device to monitor battery discharge of primary cells.  In my design the Gas Gauge is always powered.  However, the 3.3V supply that biases the pull-ups on the I2C signals is not.  In order to conserve energy, the unit…

  • LTC2944 battery gauge problem


    We have a problem calculating the percentage of the remaining battery. We are currently using a raspberry 3b + with a 4cell battery of 2200mA, with a Rsense of 50mOh and a Imax of 1500mAh.

    We tried to make the calculation of the page 11 in the manual…

  • LTC2944 Voltage Reading Anamoly

    I have a setup where I use the LTC2944 to monitor the battery voltage and the output of which goes to the microcontroller so I can use data logging to monitor the voltage and log in every second. I have used this setup successfully from -40C to 21C without…

  • How to calculate charge with LTC2944 ?


    I'm using the LTC2944  and I found the linduino file cpp but i don't know how to use it to calculate the Charge in Coulomb and in mAh. There is no time consideration in the code ? 

    Thank's for help ! 

  • LTC2944 Gauge IC correct settings


    I use the Linduino with the LTC2944 Gauge IC.
    Now i connected all but gives not good results.
    What for parameters i need to write in the LTC2944 for my Battery (5 Cells Serial 18.5V 3000mAh) ?
    My charger brings 1300mAh but the Scan mode show always…