• LTC2944 init

    How to design a program to accurately read out the initial charge of the battery?

    void LTC2944::setRawAccumulatedCharge(uint16_t charge)
  • LTC2944 ESD specifications

    I can't find reference to any ESD standards in the LTC2944 data sheet or related documents.  My main concern is the I2C interface.  Can anyone tell me what ESD standards this part meets, if any?



  • LTC2944 上电烧坏掉现象




    这三条是SDA scl /ALCC 三条信号线,

  • LTC2944

    Is there a method to use this device with the sense+ and - pins connected backwards? Sense+ is toward the battery.

  • LTC2944 With Arduino Uno not working


    I am currently having issues communicating with the LTC2944 using an Arduino Uno over I2C. I have the DC1812A demo board for easy prototyping and everything works perfectly using a Linduino One. I currently have the Arduino Uno connected to the…

  • LTC2944 Corrupted Control Register

    I am using the LTC2944 in a low power device to monitor battery discharge of primary cells.  In my design the Gas Gauge is always powered.  However, the 3.3V supply that biases the pull-ups on the I2C signals is not.  In order to conserve energy, the unit…

  • LTC2944 Noise

    From the LTC2944 datasheet:

    How does one deal with the above noise in Current and ACR measurements? 

    My application is battery monitoring including SoC calculations for a 12V 100Ah Lithium battery with 110A max continuous load with 50mS pulses to 1200A…

  • LTC2944 battery gauge problem


    We have a problem calculating the percentage of the remaining battery. We are currently using a raspberry 3b + with a 4cell battery of 2200mA, with a Rsense of 50mOh and a Imax of 1500mAh.

    We tried to make the calculation of the page 11 in the manual…

  • Regarding usage of LTC2944

    I am designing electric circuit for an electric vehicle with a battery of 48V &130ah capacity. I need to measure state of charge of battery, so i decided to  use coulombic counting method to do that. So, i have chosen LTC2944 chip for my application…

  • Clarification on LTC2944 operation for finding the State of Charge


    We are currently using two LTC2944 sensors, one monitoring the load and one monitoring the charging of the battery, and I am trying to work out the algorithm for monitoring the state of charge. Currently, we have a process where we use the sensors…