• LTC2943 Vs LTC2943-1


    Can you tell me if LTC2943 is in obsolescence?

    Then, what are the diffrences with LTC2943-1?

    I see non.


  • LTC2943


    i would like to use LTC2943 with a pack of 5 Li ion battery (18560), Voltage (nominal) 18V.

    the battery pack voltage can exceed 20V after fully charged (5x4.2= 21V) 

    will LTC2943  work ok even if battery pack voltage will exceed 20V?

    thank you


  • LTC2943

    I have a battery monitor PCB with LTC2943 (3.6V to 20V Operating Range) package(Small 8-Lead 3mm × 3mm DFN Package).  I need to replace this IC with the same package and pinout which can read a minimum of 3 volts. Can anyone help me to find out the…

  • LTC2943 + LT3751


    My application uses the LT3751 capacitor charger powered by 8 NMH AA batteries (2.4Ah) connected in series and I need to incorporate a fuel gauge to measure the remaining voltage in the batteries, I planned to use the LTC2943 but I have doubts regarding…

  • LTC2943 Gas Gauges

    Dear all,

    I have a question about the bus I2C for LTC2943.

    Actually, I put a pull-up resistors with 10k between the 3V3 and the bus I2C.

    Unfortunately, I can't understand why the communication failed by using 10k resistor pull-up?

    on the other …
  • LTC2943 - SOC register

    Hi, I am coding a project using the LTC2943 for a 2-cell battery.

    I have observed that while charging the Accumulated Charge register can reach maximum FFFFh, then roll over to 0000h and keep incrementing! I can deal with this using the ALCC input, but…

  • LTC2943 linux driver

    I'm using the LTC2943 in a embedded linux application.  I see that there's a device driver available in most kernel versions I've looked at. i've instantiated the device in the device tree, but I'm not sure what to do from here.  Is…

  • LTC2943 : Facing some issues


    we would like to use board LTC2943 IC for battery status(percentage, voltage, current) while charging & discharging.
    so, we did some experiment with LTC2934 board. 
    We are facing some issue:
    1. During the charging cycle, Set charge current 2.5A…
  • RE: LTC2943's remaining charge

    From your drawing, it seems the current from the battery to the system is not flowing through the sense Resistor attached to LTC2943. If this is indeed the case, LTC2943 cannot monitor the battery and then LTC2943 ACR will not change.

     The ACR should be…

  • ltc2943 initial acr calibration process

    Is there any tool to calibrate the initial charge value and load it to accumulated charge register in ltc2943?

    For example:Initially I have 7 volts and 0.5Amps load current.

    Any help is thankful.