• LTC2943 Vs LTC2943-1


    Can you tell me if LTC2943 is in obsolescence?

    Then, what are the diffrences with LTC2943-1?

    I see non.


  • LTC2943


    i would like to use LTC2943 with a pack of 5 Li ion battery (18560), Voltage (nominal) 18V.

    the battery pack voltage can exceed 20V after fully charged (5x4.2= 21V) 

    will LTC2943  work ok even if battery pack voltage will exceed 20V?

    thank you


  • LTC2943

    I have a battery monitor PCB with LTC2943 (3.6V to 20V Operating Range) package(Small 8-Lead 3mm × 3mm DFN Package).  I need to replace this IC with the same package and pinout which can read a minimum of 3 volts. Can anyone help me to find out the…

  • LTC2943 - SOC register

    Hi, I am coding a project using the LTC2943 for a 2-cell battery.

    I have observed that while charging the Accumulated Charge register can reach maximum FFFFh, then roll over to 0000h and keep incrementing! I can deal with this using the ALCC input, but…

  • RE: LTC2943 Stops monitoring Battery Voltage a Current

    Hi Tom,

    I had a similar issue. I2C communication stopped. In my case I disabled \ALCC in control regiser B and after that I have not had further problems. If you need \ALCC enabled make sure to reply with the ARA command.

    Hope that is useful!

  • LTC2943 is getting hot up to 46°C during Battery charging

    I am using a 0.100-ohm Sense resistor to sense a 7.4V Li-ion battery. where sense-  is connected to Li-ion Battery polarity positive and sense + is connected to an LTC4120  wireless charger. The problem is during charging LTC2943 temperature is getting…

  • LTC2943 linux driver

    I'm using the LTC2943 in a embedded linux application.  I see that there's a device driver available in most kernel versions I've looked at. i've instantiated the device in the device tree, but I'm not sure what to do from here.  Is…

  • LTC2943 + LT3751


    My application uses the LT3751 capacitor charger powered by 8 NMH AA batteries (2.4Ah) connected in series and I need to incorporate a fuel gauge to measure the remaining voltage in the batteries, I planned to use the LTC2943 but I have doubts regarding…

  • LTC2943 Gas Gauges

    Dear all,

    I have a question about the bus I2C for LTC2943.

    Actually, I put a pull-up resistors with 10k between the 3V3 and the bus I2C.

    Unfortunately, I can't understand why the communication failed by using 10k resistor pull-up?

    on the other …
  • LTC2943's remaining charge


    when I read the datasheet, I can't understand the  ACR register about how to change and use it's value.

    My battery's capacity is 4200mAh, RSENSE is 15mΩ,M is 1024.

    Now my approach is:

    First, when I Load the LT2943's driver, I write 4200mAh…