• RE: Problem with LTC2942

    1) LTC2942 does not have reverse polarity protection.

    2) LTC2942 has internal ESD protection diodes, e.g. from GND (anode) to SENSE+. Applying reverse polarity will cause a big forward current through this diode and damage the part.

    3) You need some reverse…

  • LTC2942 ADC voltage conversion not correct (offset).

    Hello. We are using LTC2942 in our project.
    We found out that LTC2942 is producing results that are offset about 78mV (voltage reading through I2C is 78mV higher than it really is).
    We measure voltage using ProsKit MT-1710 meter. 

    We are using it with standard…

  • LTC: How to acquire free samples?


    Since the day ADI acquired LTC, has ADI stopped giving free samples for some of the LTC ICs (LTC3525, LTC2942)?

    Any help in this regard will be useful.

    Thank you,


  • LTC2942 minimum voltage for coulomb counter

    I am currently working on a design that uses a LTC2942 with an external sense resistor of 10 mOhms and battery pack with a large capacity (13200mAH @ 4.0V).
    The LTC2942 is configured to use a prescaler of 64.

    Sleep mode current is approximately 900uA which…

  • LTC2943 - SOC register

    Hi, I am coding a project using the LTC2943 for a 2-cell battery.

    I have observed that while charging the Accumulated Charge register can reach maximum FFFFh, then roll over to 0000h and keep incrementing! I can deal with this using the ALCC input, but…

  • RE: Can the LTC2941 or LTC2942 be used with a 3-Cell Series NiCD?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    I moved this thread to the "CrossCore Embedded Studio and Add-ins" forum as it appears a tools related issue.

    I suspect that one of the automatic file attributes is being replaced by a macro define in the compiler generated assembly…

  • LTC6804-1 Automotive Grade??

    Is LTC6804-1 an automotive grade part i.e. AEC-Q qualified? What grade (0/1/2) is it? Thanks!

  • RE: LTC2955-1 auto-turn-on disabled with 1 second VIN removal

    When you remove the Vin (battery) for LTC2955 and plug it back in, you do not get tEN(LOCKOUT). That's like power cycling the part and you have to go through the complete turn on sequence.

    Instead try using KILL signal or ON signal to turn off the…

  • Composite amplifier using ADA4637-1 and ADA4870-1

    I want to build a composite amplifier using the Figure 77 of the datasheet ADA4870-1. It says that the voltage offset is less than 500 uV. I simulate this circuit using LTSpice, when driving ada4637-1 with 0V and monitor the output of ADA4870-1, it is…