• LTC2942 IOs voltage level (SCL, SDA, AL_n/CC)


    Is it possible using the LTC2942 with 1.8V IO voltage on pins SDA SCL and AL_n/CC ?

    In your datasheet, page 3, you indicate that the high level threshold voltage is comprised between 0.3*Vbat and 0.7*Vbat, for a lithium battery voltage level between…

  • LTC2942 in abnormal I2C state

    We are experiencing an intermittent problem in our system boards with an LTC2942 Battery Gas Gauge.

    The issue presents as a system halt when trying to write to the I2C bus. On further investigation, it looks like the LTC2942 is holding SDA low, and AL…

  • LTC2942锂电池电量计量


  • LTC2942-1


    The Sense+ pin is connected to both Charger and Load. So,I would like to know how the LTC2942 could determine the operation mode between charge and discharge.


  • LTC2942 minimum voltage for coulomb counter

    I am currently working on a design that uses a LTC2942 with an external sense resistor of 10 mOhms and battery pack with a large capacity (13200mAH @ 4.0V).
    The LTC2942 is configured to use a prescaler of 64.

    Sleep mode current is approximately 900uA which…

  • LTC2942 ADC voltage conversion not correct (offset).

    Hello. We are using LTC2942 in our project.
    We found out that LTC2942 is producing results that are offset about 78mV (voltage reading through I2C is 78mV higher than it really is).
    We measure voltage using ProsKit MT-1710 meter. 

    We are using it with standard…

  • Problem with LTC2942

    Good afternoon everyone from Spain,

    I'm Juan Domingo, from GTG Ingenieros.

    We have used the LTC2942 in the design of an electronic card for a portable device. We have connected this IC as indicated in the datasheet. Schematic in pdf file is attached…

  • Can the LTC2941 or LTC2942 be used with a 3-Cell Series NiCD?


    I'm looking at using the LTC2941 (or 2942) for use as a gas gauge for a 3-Cell In Series NiCD Pack for general gas gauging. The datasheet mentions it's designed for Li-Ion but the operating voltage checks out (even under my charger, a Powe…

  • LTC: How to acquire free samples?


    Since the day ADI acquired LTC, has ADI stopped giving free samples for some of the LTC ICs (LTC3525, LTC2942)?

    Any help in this regard will be useful.

    Thank you,


  • LTC2943 - SOC register

    Hi, I am coding a project using the LTC2943 for a 2-cell battery.

    I have observed that while charging the Accumulated Charge register can reach maximum FFFFh, then roll over to 0000h and keep incrementing! I can deal with this using the ALCC input, but…