• LTC2937 Programming


    We are using DC1613A and DC2347A for LTC2937 Socketed Programming.

    1. Is there a Socketed board can support multiple LTC2937 Programming  at once?


  • LTC2937 Behavior at Power On

    What state are the Enable outputs in at VDD power up of the LTC2937? 

    What happens when VDD is below the under voltage lockout level? 

    Does keeping the ON input low at VDD power up force the Enable outputs to stay low?

    Thanks for your help.

  • LTC2937 ON Pin control circuitry


    I have a question regarding the external control circuitry connected to the ON Pin off the LTC2937. The block diagram in the datasheet shows an internal 10µA current source pulling up the ON Pins potential to VDD (3.3V). The "usual" use case of the…