• LTC2928 Configurator Tool

    I'm a DFAE in Japan.

    My customer looks for LTC2928 Configurator Tool which is described in DN401.

    Would you provide it to him?

  • LTC2928 CAS Connection


    I would like to cascading Multiple LTC2928 by CAS Connection. We understand the CAS Pin is for synchronizing Additional Power Supplies.

    However, it does not have much detail in RST reset pin conneciotn. Might I know the OV, FLT and RST pin connection…

  • LTC2928 EN pin


    I'm DFAE. I have a question about EN pin of LTC2928.

    How can I do when the output current of EN pin is not enough? Can I pull up EN pin by VCC(3.3V) or other voltage? 

    Best regards,


  • LTC2928 ON pin behavior

    Hi there,

    I am having an issue with the LTC2928CUHF. I have channel 4 disabled by tying RT4 and V4 to GND. 

    1)  Occasionally I get FLT_N asserted (low) and the CMP1-4 pins reporting a command fault, apparently on channel 4. Is channel 4 involved or should…

  • Some issue for LTC2928?

    Dear Sir:

                   We want to use LTC2928 in our product and we have some problem now and we tried to disable  voltage monitor (V1-V4) function and connect those pin to GND and we also disable PTMR and connect this pin to GND , Then we can measure high signal…

  • Does ADI has LTspice model for LTC2928?

    Dear Sir:

                   Does ADI has LTspice model for LTC2928?


  • LTC2928 CAS network in cascade connection

    I designed the same circuit as one described in figure 1 of the datasheet.(cascaded  and supply exteded)

    In my circuit, E1,2,3,4 in the master is assigned to the time position 2,3,4,5 ,respectively and E1,2 in the slave is assigned to the time position…

  • RE: AD9164 Rev D - Power LED -Red

    Is it possible that there is a design error on the AD9164-FMCC-EBZ board Rev D ?

    We have noticed that Rev D now uses the LTC2928 Power Supply Sequencer and Supervisor. We can see an open drain output from the Reg in to the LTC2928, which is pulled up to…

  • LTC2924 OUTx pin


    Is it possible LTC2924's OUTx pin directly connect to Regulator IC's enable-pin which absolute maximum voltage below LTC2924's charge pump voltage?

    Because LTC2924 and LTC2928 is very similar power up/down sequence control.


  • RE: Power Supply Sequencing with three terminal regulators

    Hello Soumyabumba
    There is  no standard technique for sequencing for power supplies. It will depend on your
    application. For applications that do not require tight timing tolerances you can use simple RC
    networks applied in the inputs of the regulator…