• LTC2757 glitch.

    Please let me consult about the LTC2757 glitch.

    Even though the UPD pin is in the L state, if the value of DATA I/O is changed,
    A glitch occurs at the output when changing the value of the DATA I/O to the output.
    Is this normal?
    (Other conditions are WR…

  • The RFB of the LTC2757

    Q1:The RFB of the LTC2757 is 10KΩ (TYP) in the table specs, but can it be changed by setting the output voltage span?

    Q2:In that case, could you tell me the reference value?

  • LTC2757 IOUT amplifier

    Can we use a zero-drift (chopper stabilized) amplifier like LTC1150 or ADA4523-1 as IOUT amplifier? What should we look out for if we are to use such amplifier?

  • LTC2757


    I had measure the Iout, but the result was not the same as I thought.

    Can you help to check the schematic is correctly or not.


  • LTC2757 glitches

    I have two LTC2757 DACs. Each has an LT1001 transimpedance amp. I'm generating a square wave with each. The square waves have 0.2V amplitude. I update the DAC values at 100 Ksps, regardless of whether there is a change needed in the output voltage. The…

  • How to interface LTC2757 with LT1010 buffer?

    I would like to use an LT1010 output buffer:

    ...with the LTC2757 DAC:

    The LT1007 as shown in the buffer schematic will be substituted for the LT1468 shown in the DAC schematic. My questions are:

    1. Where should I connect the DAC's Rfb input? Should…

  • How to estimate LTC2757 output voltage noise density?

    I am trying to figure out how to estimate the total output noise voltage density when I connect a LT1460 reference, LTC2757 DAC, and a LT1468 output transimpedance amplifier together. The datasheet simply lists "output voltage noise density" with no information…

  • LTC2757 update rate specifications


    A few questions about this DAC:

    1) Based on the timing characteristics of the digital interface for Vdd = 3.3V, it should be feasible to update the LTC2757 at 16.66 MHz.  However, if the output settling time specification in the datasheet is 2.1 us…

  • RE: About the SFDR and THD specification of AD3551R and LTC1668

    Hi, Will the reference design of LTC2757/LTC2758 using composite amplifier suit for 1MHz, >90dB THD design for this AD3551R chip?