• DC2873A-B (LTC2688) + DC2026C (Linduino) no communication

    Hello there,

    I have a DC2873A-B board (with the LTC2688 IC) connected to the Linduino board (DC2026C), which is connected to the host PC. The linduino is loaded with the DC5908 sketch via Arduino software. 

    The V1+/V2+ are tied to VCC (5 V) and the V- is…

  • RE: Can LTC2688 support 100k Ω load

    Sorry for the delay.  Your query has been moved to the Precision DAC community for their reply.

  • LTC2688 FAQs

    Q1:  Can I use the LTC2688 with a single supply? 

    A1:  Yes, with V- connected to GND the LTC2688 can be used with a single supply.

  • LTC2688能否支持100kΩ的负载

    LTC2688(或者DC2873A)能否支持100 kΩ的负载?如果8个通道各自连一个100kΩ的负载可以吗

  • RE: LTC2756 unipolar manual span

    Can you use a newer DAC like the LTC2668 or LTC2688?  They also have 10V ranges and are much easier to use. 

  • RE: Whether the output of LTC2668 and AD5360 is synchronous and in-phase


    for the AD5360, the LDAC pin is able to update all the outputs with the DAC data register contents synchronously. Same with the LTC2668, basically all DACs with LDAC should be able to update their outputs synchronously. are you looking for a sine wave…