• Questions about LTC2668


    I wonder if it's enough for LTC2668 to output ±10V when it is supplied with the power of ±12V ?


  • Question about LTC2668


    I am considering using LTC2668 in our new design. The datasheet says that Pin41 isanalog positive supply and typically should be -15V, but it also must be soldered to PCB. I am confused about this description. Should this pin be grounded or connected…

  • LTC2668 Failure after wiring


    I am using multiple number of LTC2668 DAC in one of our data acquisition card. it was observed that after reflow soldering few outputs(like 4 to 5 numbers ) not responding to input while remaining outputs work as expected.  This observation we are…

  • LTC2668 lock up issue

    I am using LTC2668 DAC that works fine in prototype, The problem we are experiencing is that occasionally during electrical noise it locks up in field side, and begin to  analog output locked up. unless I power down than power up the system. 

    If this device…

  • LTC2668 initialization issue

         At power-up, my LTC2668 initializes all channels to 0V.  That's correct by my setting of MSP0 = 5V, MSP1 = 5V and MSP2 = 0.  According to Table 4, that selects 0-10V operation with initial outputs at 0V.  This condition persists for maybe several seconds…

  • Zero voltage is 0.27V on LTC2668


    We are evaluating LTC2668 16-channel DAC using the test board DC2025A-A. 

    We observe an issue that all 16 outputs are reading 0.27V when output is set to 0.27 or less. When we set output to 0.33 and above the DAC seem to accurately provide requested…

  • LTC2668 control with Raspberry Pi 3


    I have DC2025A-A demo board for 16 bit LTC2668. The board has the option to be used with QuickEval with extra boards but I don't have them. According to the manual, DC2025A can be used with micro controllers by using SPI. My problem is I cannot get…

  • Power Supply Rejection Ratio PSSR of the LTC2668 on the pins V+, V+ and AVP vs frequency


    what is the power supply rejection ratio of the LTC2668 on the supply pins V+ and V- as well as AVP vs frequency.

    Couldn't find anything in the datasheet. Only the DC value PSR is given with 1 LSB/V for AVP and 0.01 LSB/V for V+ and V-.


  • Can the LTC2668 MSPAN lines be pulled up/down with resistors (4.7K)?

    or do they need to be tied directly to GND or AVP.

  • LTC2668 Pin41 连接到GND上,手册中要求连接到V-,这种情况下V-还可以接负电源吗?是不是只能接GND了,接负电源会不会损坏芯片?

    LTC2668 Pin41 连接到GND上,手册中要求连接到V-,这种情况下V-还可以接负电源吗?是不是只能接GND了,接负电源会不会损坏芯片?