• LTC2666 V+ and range

    Hi. I plan on using the LTC2666 using the internal reference for a 0-10V output. I'm currently working currently on the schematic. I'm not exactly sure what V+ needs to be. Is V+ setting the max output voltage? meaning for a Vout of 10V, V+ needs to be…

  • LTC2666-16 MISO output


    I designed a hardware with LTC2666 16bit DAC and I want to output some signals by giving the correct commands (I hope). However, When I send command, address and data word, MISO (or SDO) word doesn't match with the previous input (MOSI or SDI) word…

  • ltc2666 REF and REFCOMP

    I want to write voltages from -10 to +10volts using the internal reference,

    In my schematic i connected V+ to +12V and V- to -12V

    I Followed the data sheet and connected REF trough a  0.1uF to ground, and REFCOMP trough 0.1uF to ground (from pin functions…

  • LTC2666-12 configuration problem

    When I config the LTC2666-12, I use 0x00301000 to write code to DAC0 and update it. But there isn't any voltage output(the output is 0V). Then I use 0x00301100 to write another code to DAC0, but there isn't any voltage output(the output is 0V),…

  • LTC2666-16 reliability question

    Hi, my application would need the assurance of no major SEL (single event latch up) during operation. 

    Is it possible to provide the SEL Threshold (in terms of MeVcm2/mg)?

    If not, is it possible to advise the the wafer fab technology for our assessment? 

  • Unsuspected Phase Shift for LTC2666 DAC output


    I am using an LTC2666 DAC to output processed data for my application. To test the performance of the LTC2666 I conducted a simple noise/frequency response analysis. The setup of the test is the following

    The MCU is just feeding the signal through…

  • 关于LTC2666的供电问题








  • LTC2666-16 large nonlinearity when transitioning through midpoint

    Hi everyone.

    I've got a custom baseboard with 2 LTC2666-16's connected to an FPGA. I am using the DAC's in +/-10V output mode. When the DAC's change from code 0x7fff (nominally 0 V) to 0x8000 (-1 LSB V) the output jumps by as much as 20 mV in the wrong…

  • Software control over LT2666

    I'm using an LTC2666 with a DC590B evaluation board to output a DC signal on each of the 8 channels. Ideally, I'd like to be able to programatically control the boards, so I could for instance sweep over a wide voltage range and measure some response…

  • RE: LTC2600CGN Longevity

    The LTC2666 is the newer version of the LTC2600.  I don't anticipate the LTC2600 going anywhere, but the 2666 is newer.