• LTC2662 - Troubleshooting

    We are trying to use the LTC2662 but we are experiencing some problems. We are able to command some current through SPI (between 0mA to 20 mA) to the ADC 0 but when we command larger current that 20mA it drops close to zero and any command that we send…

  • LTC2662 question?

    Dear Sirs,

    Q1.The LTC2662 has 5 current sources. If I only use 4, can another VDD not be connected?

    Q2.Is the VDD supply voltage operating at 3.3V and the current output to 300mA?

    Q3.Can VDD and VCC be connected to the same voltage?

    Q4.If the VDD supply…

  • LTC2662 FAQ

    Q1: Can the outputs be connected together to sum the currents?

    A1: Yes, any or all of the outputs can be connected together to increase the current output.  Since the outputs are current sources no additional circuitry, like a resistor, is require to sum…

  • LTC2662 questions


    I'm using LTC2662, but I think It is not working.

    My problem is the dac always return open circuit flag, when I write data ( actually next step )

    In my initial code, I just set config reg all 0, span 25mA . After that I write data through uart…

  • LTC2672 vs LTC2662

    At first glance, the 16bit versions of the LTC2662 and the LTC2672 appear to be identical.
    What are the differences? 

    Thx, Beat

  • LTC2662 Thermal informations

    I read the data shet of the LTC2662

    And did not find any thermal info about this chip??

    Its very important; with five output at 300mA and 1V dropout (min.), the chip will dissipate 1.5W !!!

  • LTC2662 - Toggle function


    I'm planning to use the LTC2662 as a LED driver. I need to be able to pulse LEDs ON/OFF and was planning to use the toggle function for this purpose. 

    From the datasheet, it seems the toggle function only works for the DAC code registers (and…

  • LTC2662 Daisy chain


    Trying to drive two LTC2662/12-bit DACs in a daisy chain configuration and running in to issues.

    I am sending 64 bits:




    • Is that a valid frame format?
    • I am keeping…
  • Multiple LTC2662 devices on SPI bus

    Is it possible to use multiple LTC2662 devices in a single SPI bus using Regular SPI mode ( as shown below), rather than in Daisy Chain mode?

  • LTC2662 with proportional solenoid valve

    I want to use the LTC2662 to drive small (<50mA, >250Ohm) proportional solenoid valves.

    Due to the inductive nature of the load, is it recommendable to use
    a) a capacitor in parallel to compensate step-increases in current?

    b) a fly-back diode?