• LTC2512-24 开发

    有谁开发过这款芯片?目前调试的现象是22位的no latency output 有输出,但24位的滤波结果没有输出。MCLK=1Msps,DF=4,每个转换周期都有busy信号,drl信号每隔85ms周期被拉高一次(与手册描述的每隔DF个转换周期拉高一次不相符),在drl信号下降沿后给scka信号,并没有数据从sdoa引脚输出。驱动时序已经按照手册要求写的,并有检查无误。

  • ADC LTC2512-24 Driver Inquiry

    In ADC LTC2512-24 datasheet, LT6202 is recommended to be used as ADC driver. But in "Precision ADC Driver Tool - BETA", there is no option to use LT6202 in driver selection (only LT6200 available). In this ADC driver tool,  ADA4807-2 seems to…

  • Why is the LTC2512-24 output delayed?

    1. I use the LTC2512-24 digital filter to output SDOA, and the sampling data has a delay;
    2. According to the manual, use SDOB without delay output, but there is still delay in sampling data.
    Thanks Reply!

  • Passband ripple of the LTC2380-24?

    I am considering both the LTC2512-24 wideband FIR filter SAR and LTC2380-24 narrowband SINC1 SAR for a design which is to have both good AC as well as DC specs.  What is the passband ripple of the LTC2380-24?

  • RE: LTC2512 - ADC not updating the output register in single shot read

    If you look at Figure 22 on page 25 of the LTC2512-24 data sheet you will see that a total of 35 cycles are required for full settling of the filter. This is fixed in this device and cannot be changed.

  • Why does the LTC2512-24 only work for a while?

    Hello, I applied LTC2512-24 design acquisition circuit, FPGA driver chip, DF=4, MCLK=1MHz, SDOA output, but the chip can only work for a while at a time, need to restart the power to work again, but also work for a while。

  • RE: Why Ltc2512-24 has BUSY signal, no DRL signal


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    I also met the same question. How did you deal with it later?

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  • RE: LTC2512 Timing Specification

    tDRLLH, tBUSYLH, tDSDOA and tDSDOADRLL will not change with clock frequency.

    The specifications for the ADC Timing Characteristics Table are:

    VDD= 2.5V, OVDD= 2.5V, REF = 5V, VCM= 2.5V, fSMPL= 1.6MHz, DF = 4.
  • 请教下关于LTC2512-24芯片输出延时问题!!!




  • 24-bit RGB to CVBS

    Hi there,
    I am looking for simplified 24-bit RGB to CVBS encoder IC in ANALOG DEVICES product line.
    Could you suggest one preferably that has EVAL board with a detailed instructions.

    My input signal is sourced from DVI receiver TI TFP401