• LTC2508-32 SDOA has no output


           I have a problem using LTC2508-32.The chip's  22-bit no latency output has data output, but the 32-bit filter result has no output. In my design,RDLA is pulled down to GND, MCLK=1MHz, DF=256, each conversion period has a busy signal, but the…

  • RE: Design LTC2508-32 so as to perform precise voltage measurements

    Hi Shane,

    Rather than trying to shift the ADC supply voltages which may not be entirely successful, why not use a fully differential amplifier such as the ADA4945 to shift the input voltage of your signal into the range compatible with the ADC.

    (2) Never…

  • RE: Which parts/strategy do you recommend for isolation of ADI's 32 bits SAR ADC?

    On behalf of Eric Benedict:

    Which ADC are you interested in and what are your application requirements? 


    The LTM2893 could be a good solution for the LTC2508-32 which is configured with pin strapping. 


    The LTC2500-32 has features which require SPI…

  • RE: LTC2512-24 开发


  • LTC2508 - Large Ripple during large signal settling transient


    According to the pictures in the datasheet, the LTC2508 has up to 500uV pp of noise during large signal settling. Is this really correct?

    If yes, where is this noise coming from? Does it disappear after the transient? What's the frequency range?…

  • 32位ADC芯片的前端设置问题







  • LTC2500-32

    When PER and SDIA pin are high level DRL has normal pulse output.

    DRL signal cannot be output in other modes.

    SDOA output is always low when reading data.

    Is it caused by the wrong timing in the diagram?


  • LTC2500-32 ENOB

    Hi ADI Expert, 

    According to the datasheet page8 of LTC2500-32 Performance characteristics,

    SNR: 116dB, SINAD:114dB @ 128K FFT, SSINC filter. thus I calculated the ENOB= SINAD 114dB -1.76dB/6.02 = 18.6 Bits.

    The datasheet page32 table2 is noise performance…

  • LTC2500-32

    Hi there,

          I would like to use LT2500 in my project. The input signal is about 0.1Hz~10Hz, +/-10V, single end. The low noice and low drift come first. And I notice that LTC6363+LTC2500 in the typical application of datasheet. I just donot know how to…

  • LTC2500-32 REF pins


    There is 2 REF pins for the reference signal of the LTC2500-32 and I wonder if I can use one pin directly connected to the decoupling capacitor and the other to sense the reference voltage with the Vout_S of the LTC6655 (low drift precision reference…