• LTC2500-32 ENOB

    Hi ADI Expert, 

    According to the datasheet page8 of LTC2500-32 Performance characteristics,

    SNR: 116dB, SINAD:114dB @ 128K FFT, SSINC filter. thus I calculated the ENOB= SINAD 114dB -1.76dB/6.02 = 18.6 Bits.

    The datasheet page32 table2 is noise performance…

  • LTC2500-32 Digital Filters Coefficients

    On page 26 of the LTC2500-32 Datasheet is told that:
    "The FIR filter coefficients for each filter are available at www.linear.com/docs/55712."
    On page www.analog.com/.../ltc2500-32.html I don't see him.
    Where I can find this document…

  • LTC2500-32 REF pins


    There is 2 REF pins for the reference signal of the LTC2500-32 and I wonder if I can use one pin directly connected to the decoupling capacitor and the other to sense the reference voltage with the Vout_S of the LTC6655 (low drift precision reference…

  • LTC2500-32

    Hi there,

          I would like to use LT2500 in my project. The input signal is about 0.1Hz~10Hz, +/-10V, single end. The low noice and low drift come first. And I notice that LTC6363+LTC2500 in the typical application of datasheet. I just donot know how to…

  • LTC2500-32

    When PER and SDIA pin are high level DRL has normal pulse output.

    DRL signal cannot be output in other modes.

    SDOA output is always low when reading data.

    Is it caused by the wrong timing in the diagram?


  • LTC2500-32 - DF by 2


    My question is concerning the digital filter on the LTC2500-32, I would like to down sample by 2 (DF=2) with the averaging filter, but there is no word to program the DF filter accordingly if it can be done.

    So in the data sheet in the table "ADC timing…

  • RE: LTC2500-32 requires a clock

    U8 and U2 are used to level shift and square up the sine wave clock source before feeding it into the FPGA. U3 is used to retime the CNV signal from the FPGA. This removes jitter generated inside the FPGA. Without U3, the SNR of the LTC2500 would be compromised…

  • RE: LTC2500-32 using ADC 7 Click

    Leaving the SYNC pin floating, it could float high which will prevent the LTC2500-32 from working properly. Ground the SYNC pin and see if the board works properly.

  • LTC2500-32连接示意图


  • LTC2500-32, SYNC pin left floating. Implications?


    I purchased an evaluation board for the LTC2500-32 from a 3rd party provider.

    The SYNC pin is left floating on the eval board.

    I was able to use the ADC in one of the preset modes, with PRE set HIGH.  However, when I tried to provide a configuration…