• LTC2497 off isolation

    Dear Sir,
    This is Phat Nguyen from Ampere Computing Vietnam. I'm working in Hardware platform design for data center. I used the LTC2497 to read voltage ADC. I see in LTC2497's datasheet, when controller is off (VCC=0), the QIRR = 120dB. It means…
  • drivers/iio/adc/ltc2497.c fails with ACK violation

    Someone asked by email -

    The ltc2497-core driver sleeps for a minimum delay between accesses to account for the 2497 conversion time of 150 ms, via ltc2497core_wait_conv.


    However, the calling sequence into the ltc2497 driver does not seem to account…

  • LTC2497 evaluation board


    LTC2497 evaluation board is DC1012A-B.

    DEMO MANUAL of DC1012 shows DC1012A-B to conect PC by DC590.

    But we could not find DC590 and only found DC590B.

    Can we use DC590B to connect DC1012A-B  to PC?

    Best regards


  • LTC2497 and LTC2449 x-ray questions

    Good day, Below are the x-ray photos of LTC2497IUHF and LTC2449IUHF.

    LTC2497IUHF pin 34, GND,  is not connected.

    LTC2449IUHF pin 1 and pin 5, are GND, but  also not connected.

    Is this normal?

    Thank you so much.

  • Problem in reading all channel of LTC2497 in real time


    Tarun Garg this side. I am using LTC2497 IC. I want to read all channels of IC.

    I want to know, how much time will it take for controller to read all channels from IC. Because as per LINDUINO sample code I am getting very slow response.

    I have…

  • LTC2497 adc conversion to Voltage


    I am using the code LTC2497 - DC1012AB Linduino.INO File with their respective libraries (Single Ended Mode), and I have a couple of doubts:

    1) Why is the adc_code return value so high? (adc_code -= 0x20000000;)

      14:00:20.207 -> adc_code:182809344…

  • LTC2497

    Can you confirm/answer the following:

    1) The LTC2497 can be used to measure individual battery cell voltage where each cell is 3.2v, where 8 are in series to make a 24v pack. Just to be clear, I am not going to attempt to measure anything more than 4v.…

  • RE: LTC2497

    Please provide a schematic and oscilloscope photos showing SDA and SCL along with the input voltage information.

  • RE: LTC2497 Differential reference

    I am not a programmer. I can only suggest that you compare the Linduino code to your code and see what differences there are.

  • LTC2497 Conversion


    I am using LTC2497. I am trying to get the ADC conversion reading, could anyone explain how does the conversion of 2's compliment to decimal works on this ADC? I tried many times and it does not seem to be working.

    Thank you.