• LTC2440 differential input

    I need to measure the resistance between 1Ω to 1MΩ. I think a wheatstone bridge will do the job.

    Using 3x 1MΩ resistors and the forth resistor is the changing resistor (shown in figure below) I should get pretty good accuracy, about 2…

  • LTC2440 Power-up Sequence.

    Dear All,

    Does the LTC2440 malfunction if it takes about 4-5ms to rise the power supply?

    It sometimes can't be communicated.

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  • Maximum sampling rate for LTC2440 eval board & Quikeval software

    I wanted to test out the performance of the LTC2440 Delta sigma ADC for a design that we are working on and had ordered the Demo board DC570A and the USB QuikEval demo board DC590B. I used the QuikEval program (http://ltspice.analog.com/software/ltcqev…

  • RE: Feeding AC voltage with Zero DC offset to LTC2440


    The LTC2440 is a single supply ADC which means the negative voltage input of -750mV is not allowed and out of range. It is stated in the datasheet that the only allowable negative voltage of the LTC2440 is GND – 0.3V. The solution for this is to use…

  • Buffer noise


    I'm trying to measure a large source impedance using the LTC2440 Dev Kit (DC570A) and the program to control the ADC, QuikEval K113, but I'm getting an awful amount of noise.

    For testing I'm using 3x 100k resistors in series and measuring…

  • 0-50mV sensor, 0-5V / 5-0V differential out to ADC, which IC?


    I'm interfacing a wheatstone bridge to a 24-bit ADC. The ADC is a LTC2440.

    The output from the bridge is 0-50mV which I want to amplifie and modify to a 0-5v / 5-0v differential signal.
    Example bridige output and ADC input:
    mV         +in.       -in

  • RE: AD8475 introduces too much noise, any suggestions?

         Hello  Oliver,

         Perhaps you could try throttling down the AD8475's bandwidth with a cap directly across the ADC differential input (after the 47 ohm resistors).  0.1uF might be a good starting point. The AD8475 is built for 4 MS/s @ 18 bit operation…

  • RE: AD7175-2 (and other delta-sigma ADCs) linearity v data rate


    Thank you for your comprehensive answer - just what I need to know. To be honest it was what I expected except for recently having looked at the LTC2400 and LTC2440 datasheets which show that their INL does vary with data-rate. That is presumably due…

  • RE: Software control over LT2666

    Here is the protocol to talk to the DC590 with python or any other serial port.  USB_Controller_specification_Customer_Version.pdf  

  • Using Jupyter Notebooks to interface with LTC2662 & DC590B

    Hi everyone, 

    A similar question was asked previously, but unfortunately the answer wasn't too helpful. I would like to use Python 3 via Jupyter Notebooks to control an LTC2662 board. Would this be something I can do with the ACE Software? If not, is …