• LTC2400 datasheet inquiry

    Hello, I plan to use the LTC2400 on a future project, so I bought its demoboard. I have no problem using the demoboard but I am currently in the process of making my own PCB layout for my future project. I have questions:

    1. The LTC2400 datasheet mentions…
  • LTC2400


    We are using LTC2400 interfaced with NXP LPC1768 microcontroller and manually controlling SCK and reading SDO lines.

    As mentioned in the datasheet, we are following the sequence as shown below,

    CS-> Low

    Check SDO pin value,

    if == 1, CS=High…

  • LTC2400, DC573A, DC590B SPI noise issue?

    I'm designing/building a small quantity of voltmeters for a customer based on the LTC2400. As a base for comparison tests I'm using your Eval boards (DC573A and DC590B) and software. If I take Vref (5V) from the DC573A and feed it back into Vin and to…

  • RE: LTC2400 SDO Output

    Your oscilloscope is translating to decimal instead of hex. Not sure if that is part of your problem. The hex code from the oscilloscope is 26494BD3.

    Stripping off the first 4 bits and last 4 bits, the 24 data bits in hex are 6494BD. Converting to decimal…

  • RE: LTC2400 series ADC devices

    The LTC2400 is listed as Production on the web site. This means it is appropriate for new designs but there are newer alternatives available.

    The LTC2484 has a faster sample rate, differential inputs for better noise rejection, lower power consumption…

  • LTC2400 Intermittent SDO Output

    I have a LTC2400 ADC and am attempting to connect it to a TI TM4C1294NCPDT micro-controller. I have configured the micro-controller to use external serial clock, single cycle operation. The ADC is isolated from the micro-controller through a digital isolator…

  • ltc2400

    I am having trouble in testing 24 bit LTC2400 ADC. The data sheet specifies free running mode, where ADC generates serial clock along with data if chip select in permanently grounded. I tried to do so and I see no pulses at all.I have followed the same…

  • AD5292 SDO

    I'm using an AD5292 digital potentiometer to change some voltage and an LTC2400 on the same SPI interface. However, my SDO is stuck to ground as a result of the AD5292 and the LTC2400 is not able to pull it high. 

  • How to quickly evaluate the performance of LTC2401

     LTC2400 has DC573A and DC590B to get a quick start, but LTC24001 doesn't have such kits.

    Can I transfer the data collected by my designed LTC2401 board to the PC for analysis and storage by using a kit like the DC590B?

  • High bit count ADCs

    I am delving into the world of higher resolution ADCs. Anything up to 16 bits, is straight forward and easy to implement in practice.

    Using the same breadboard (i understand noise and other issues) I did a cursory evaluation for instance, of the LTC2420…