• Adding Gain to ADC Drive Stage of LTC2387-16 - Noise and Distortion performance considerations

    I am considering using the ADA4945-1 to drive the LTC2387-16 but need some gain at this stage to condition the signal before the ADC. Should I expect the noise and distortion to degrade if I add gain to the ADC driver circuit?

  • Ask a question about LTC2387-16


    As below, this is the description in LTC2387-16 datasheet. It says that VCM is not recommended for single-ended to differential circuits that pass the VCM noise to only one ADC input.

    I don't know why? would you please explain it in details or show…

  • LTC2387-16 and REFBUF to REFGND capacitor

    Dear Community Members,

    We want to use LTC2387-16 in out project but for some reasons we can not use 10uF 0805 capacitors (no certified components avaiable). The datasheet recommends to use 10uF X7R 0805 capacitor between REFBUF to REFGND pins to decouple…

  • LTC2387-18 SNR TEST

    Is there a recommended instrument for evaluating the ltc2387-18 manual dynamic parameters (fin=2kHZ, 1MHz, 5MHz)?

  • ADC LTC2387-18 SNR test condition

    I have some questions about the SNR test of this LTC2387-18.
    How to obtain a low-noise sinusoidal signal to test the performance of this ADC? 
    Or which model of the signal generator tested in the data sheet  LTC2387-18: 18-Bit, 15Msps SAR ADC Data …

  • LTC2387-18 Shift Register Reset


    What is the intended procedure of resetting the ADC data bus? How do we make sure that the shift register used to clock out the data is reset to its initial value?

    Does it happen somewhere during input acquisition? Or do I need to shift the test pattern…

  • LTC2387 returns DCO clock but no conversion data

    I have this card I (re)designed and the LTC2387-18 worked fine for a while; then it ceased to return any data with the DCO in either normal or testpat modes; the power supplies, analog inputs, timing and logic levels verified within specs; ONE LANE operation…

  • LTC2387-18 ADC Input Driver - Fully Differential Amp v's Two Unity Gain Buffers

    How can I quickly check if there is a difference between using a fully differential amplifier or two unity gain buffers as the ADC input Driver circuit for the LTC2387-18?

  • Clocking LTC2387 and jitter performance.


    I am developing a data acquisition board with LTC2387-16. I read the datasheet and looked at the reference design provided in the ADC's webpage. 

    I know that, to achieve the desired SNR performance you have to have a really clean clock(less…

  • LTC2387-18 clock problem

    Hi, I've attached a picture of my setup for the LTC2387-18 SAR ADC. My setup is the exact same as in this video (they show it at 2:22): 

    The only difference is my signal generator but I don't believe that is a problem because my oscilloscope seems to…