• Clocking LTC2387 and jitter performance.


    I am developing a data acquisition board with LTC2387-16. I read the datasheet and looked at the reference design provided in the ADC's webpage. 

    I know that, to achieve the desired SNR performance you have to have a really clean clock(less…

  • HMC900LP5E compatibilty with LTC2387-18


    As datasheet says HMC900LP5E has 2vppd output and LTC2387 has maximum 4.096V diff-input. i want to use the whole range of LTC2387. Is there any way i Can use this low pass filter in front of this ADC (ltc2387) through which the full scale range of…

  • RE: similar for  AD7626 with SNR 90 or more 15MSPS or more

    Hello Gnib,

    Thank you for answer.

    I am FAE of ADI in Israel, my costumer application is thermal imaging.

    Today he use Linear Technology's A/D P/N LTC2387-16

    What can I offer him as good ADIs A/D replacement?

    Please Note: The costumer need this…

  • RE: Are you planning an ADAQ uModule with 2MSps at 16 bit or > 100Kps at 24 bit?

    On behalf of Ryan Curran.
    We currently don’t have a product in development that would meet either criteria, though both areas (higher speed and higher precision) are product spaces that we are exploring.  I would certainly be on the lookout for uModules…

  • What is the impedance of ADA4938-1 in Power-Down mode

    I intend to multiplex the outputs of two ADA4938-1 devices into an ADC type LTC2387-18; I want to confirm this is possible using the Power-Down feature or I have to include a dedicated multiplexer.

    Thank you.

  • RE: peak voltage detect for ultrasonic waveform

    Hello Jinhy and Bruce,

    I am also doing the same. in my application I too had an Ultrasound signal with amplitude around 300-400 mV with 5.5M Hz frequency. I also want to record the peak-to-peak value of a signal. As Bruce said if use LT5507, the output…

  • 音频谐波分析仪如何选ADC?

    我想设计音频谐波分析仪。请问选精度类型的比如LTC2500-32好,还是高速的LTC2387-18好?带宽能测量到100Khz就可以。但是要求动态范围越大越好,精度越高越好。  不计成本。

  • RE: LTC2324-16 conversion

    Hi John,

    The LTC2324-16 data sheet is being revised. Table 2 will be changed as shown below

    Ideal Fs Lanes SCK cycles SCK Freq Total SCK cycles
    2.00E+06 4 16 6.60E+07 33
    2.00E+06 4 8 3.60E+07 18
    1.50E+06 2 16 4.20E+07 28
    1.00E+06 1 64 8.60E…