• SNR LTC2378-20 LTC2380-24

    Hello everyone,

    I was trying to compare the SNR of these 2 ADCs: LTC2378-20 and LTC2380-24. Looking at the SNR vs frequency plot (pag6 LTC2378-20), pag 7 LTC2380-24) we can see that the SNR 

    becomes lower for higher frequencies for both ADCs. Initially…

  • LTC2380-24 SNR SINAD

    Hi ADI,

    According to LTC2380-24 datasheet, SNR,SINAD dropped according to the input frequency. But the chart only shows 0 to 200KHz. Do you have more information about higher frequency?




  • RE: LTC2380-24 Multiplexing

    Hi Vitor,

    To deal with the bipolar signal, I would suggest using a fully differential amplifier such as the ADA4945-1. The amplifier can be used to translate the bipolar signal from your preamp to the signal level required by the ADC. Additionally the…

  • Selecting a Multiplexer for LTC2380-24


    I need help selecting a MUX for using with LTC2380. At least 2 differential bipolar channels are required. Signal BW is about 100KHz. I've made a design with the help of Analog Precision ADC tool:


  • Modeling the LTC2380-24 reference pin currents

    Dear all,

    I have a lab measurement application that requires fast sampling with high DC accuracy. For the ADC we have selected the LTC2380-24 with a 5 V reference input voltage (derived from an LTZ1000 reference). The input voltages will be sampled in…

  • RE: LTC2380-24 DC Measurements with DC2289A

    If the input voltage is zero, the noise of the reference should not matter as much.

    1) The common mode voltage of the LTC2380-24 must be held at VREF/2 +/-100mV. With the two inputs tied together, the input voltage must be held at 2.5V +/-100mV when using…

  • Ask questions about LTC2380-24 ADC Driver design


    Here is an example of LTC2380-24 ADC Driver design, I will have some questions to ask.

    a. Based on LTC6363 datasheet, the settling time is 720ns(to 4ppm), on the other hand, the RC time constant is τ=R6*C6=60.4*33=1993.2nS. But

    the acquisition…

  • LTC2380-24 Figure11b condition


    In LTC2380-24 datasheet, 

    Which setting is used in LTC2380? (How ns is acquisition time?)

    With Precision ADC Driver Tool,

    ・ADC Driver is LTC6363(short circuit current is near LTC6362).

    ・fin=2kHz Rext=35.7Ω Cext=6.8nF Sample Rate =2MSPS Vref=5V…

  • How to synchronize two LTC2380-24 boards?


    How two ADC LTC2380-24 ADCs can be synchronized so that the sampled data from the ADCs are phase aligned ?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help !



  • DC2289A-A demo board to test the LTC2380-24 ADC

    I've bought a DC2289A-A demo board to test the LTC2380-24 ADC.

    I'd like to be able to provide the board with an external clock, but at the same time being able to control it from the Lindiuno associated board.

    Is this possible?