• RE: ADA4350 driving LTC2380


    I would need more information regarding the circuit your planning to do with the ADA4350 before I could suggest a reference voltage for it.

    Since the ADA4350 has single and differential mode ADC driver, it could drive the differential inputs of the…

  • LTC2380 configuration with I2C

    Hi, I'm working with LTC2380-24 (DC2289-A) and I would change the frequency dividerwith I2C (may be Linduino). And i would know the 16 bits sequence to send, I didn't find any doc on this case.



  • LTC2380-24 Figure11b condition


    In LTC2380-24 datasheet, 

    Which setting is used in LTC2380? (How ns is acquisition time?)

    With Precision ADC Driver Tool,

    ・ADC Driver is LTC6363(short circuit current is near LTC6362).

    ・fin=2kHz Rext=35.7Ω Cext=6.8nF Sample Rate =2MSPS Vref=5V…

  • 2289A-B with LTC2380-24


    I work with demo circuit 2289A-B and the LTC2368-24 but i would change it to LTC2380-24, is it possible? Or may I change anything else on the demo bord ?

    Kind regards


  • LTC2380 24 bit or 40 bit output?

    The data sheet shows the LTC2380-24 producing 24bits of conversion data and 16 bits of "number of average sampled" data, however in other timing diagrams only 24bits of conversion data is shown?

    It is possible to only clock out 24 bits by using…

  • Passband ripple of the LTC2380-24?

    I am considering both the LTC2512-24 wideband FIR filter SAR and LTC2380-24 narrowband SINC1 SAR for a design which is to have both good AC as well as DC specs.  What is the passband ripple of the LTC2380-24?

  • How to synchronize two LTC2380-24 boards?


    How two ADC LTC2380-24 ADCs can be synchronized so that the sampled data from the ADCs are phase aligned ?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help !



  • LTC2380-24 Distributed Read: Averaging 2 Samples


    I'm attempting to perform a distributed read from the LTC2380-24 but it doesn't seem to be working as I expect. My goal is to have the LTC2380 sample at 1Msps and perform a distributed read of the average of two samples.

    My microcontroller…

  • LTC2380-24 Distributed read of averaging 8


    Can anyone help me to clarify how to configure LTC2380-24 with distributed read to averaging 8 conversions, at 2MHz sample rate? I'm a little unclear that during distributed read, when there is 0 SCK rising edge between two BUSY HIGH, does the new…

  • Ask questions about LTC2380-24 ADC Driver design


    Here is an example of LTC2380-24 ADC Driver design, I will have some questions to ask.

    a. Based on LTC6363 datasheet, the settling time is 720ns(to 4ppm), on the other hand, the RC time constant is τ=R6*C6=60.4*33=1993.2nS. But

    the acquisition…