• RE: rt2378-20

    Use the LTC2378-20 timing diagram.

  • RE: RE: AD8302 phase measurement

    If you are measuring a DC signal then you probably want to use a SAR, not a pipeline part.  Try the LTC2378-20 on the DC1925A-A to see if that will work better for you. 

  • RE: 从产品的更迭看ADI如何架起一座物理世界到数字世界的桥梁

    20位1 MHz的SAR ADC

    LTC2378-20 是一款低噪声、低功率、高速 20 位逐次逼近型寄存器 (SAR) ADC。LTC2378-20 采用单 2.5V 工作电源,具有一个 ±VREF 的全差分输入范围 (VREF 的变化范围从 2.5V 至 5.1V)。LTC2378-20 仅消耗 21mW 功率,并实现了 ±2ppm INL (最大值)、无漏失码 (在 20 位) 和 104dB SNR。其具有一个支持 1.8V、2.5V、3.3V 和 5V 逻辑的高速 SPI 兼容型串行接口…

  • Formula to calculate Rf with Precision ADC Driver Tool -BETA

    Hi all,

    I am using the Precision ADC Driver Tool-BETA with the following settings.

    ADC : LTC2378-20
    Driver : ADA4896-2

    The following error is displayed depending on the value of Rf.

    For gain = 1 V/V in the inverting
    stage, Rf should be below 130Ω to…

  • RE: Questions about the LPF of input signal chain of LTC2378-20

    Thanks. How about my second question about LPF2?

    For LPF2, I understand that the 10Ohm and 3300pF are used to provide sufficient settling and get rid of the disturbance of the sampling process, droops or spikes. But what is the purpose…
  • RE: How does the LTC2378-20 behave when over driven?

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  • RE: Can DC890B evaluation board interfaced in any way other than using QuikEval or PScope?

    1) The LT6203 was chosen for its low noise, low distortion and fast settling time.

    2) Yes, a pin compatible op amp can be substituted for the LT6203. Neither the AD8652 or AD8618 are suitable for this application. Both have a 6V maximum operating voltage…

  • 16 in 16 out DSP, Arduino

    Hi hi

    I'm starting a new project with the following specs

    1 - 16 analog audio inputs 
    2 - 16 analog audio outputs 
    4 - Matrix mixing capability 
    5 - Uses SigmaStudio 
    6 - Minimum sample rate = 96 KHz

    Which DSP chip would you recommend?

    Is ADAU144x my best…