• LTC2376-16

    Difference between DC1805A-D and DC1783A-D

  • rt2378-20

    Greetings all,

    As usual, the data sheet is missing an entire section. It has the timing numbers, but no timing diagram. Does anyone have the timing diagrams for this IC?

    Thanks in advance - JB

  • RE: AD9629BCPZ-20 availibility

    Hi CrazyFrog,

    There is no problem running AD9629BCPZ-40 at 5Msps. I believe the performance will be close to identical to AD9629BCPZ-20.

    Thank you.


  • LT8471: 40V in to +/-20 possible?

    Is it possible for LT8471 to handle 42V input and generate +/-20V bipolar output, 0.3-0.4A per rail? I was looking at figure 10A which is pretty much what I need, but the voltages are a bit off. 

    If it's possible, what should I change besides the feedback…

  • HMC624ALP4E operation 20-100MHz

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been using the digital attenuator HMC624LP4E that operates from DC-6GHz, but now I realize that it does not appear at Analog website anymore.

    Instead of this, I have seen the HMC624ALP4E, but it starts from 0.1 to 6GHz.

    Can you…

  • ADV7341 20 bit YCbCr In

    I have an ADV7181 dev board.

    I am checking the ADV7341 on the board for CVBS out.

    I am inserting a 525i YCbCr 10 bit and 20 bit signal into the AD7341, I have disconnected the ADV7181.

    When I set my input for 10 bit it works fine.

    When I set for…

  • AD9840: Operation at 20 MHz

    I have two technical questions to the AD9840AJST (CCD Signal Processor):

    The listed "CCD-MODE SPECIFICATIONS" are they valid in the range of
    20MSPS...40MSPS or where are the MSPS limits for properly results (CCD-Mode
  • AD5791 20 BIT DAC

    I downloaded the demo software for AD5791. In a real application can I get better than 5 uV accuracy?

  • OP777 4 to 20 ma

    Hello every one, i cant resolve this circuit:

    1. i cant get the equation to resolve that.
    2. i dont understand the transistor in the forward loop.

    i need help, any body know how to resolve the circuit.


  • LFCSP 20 - Wrong footprint