• RE: Looking for ADC true bipolar with high MSPS!

    The LTC2370-16 will not provide the performance you are looking for above fin=100kHz. See the typical performance curves on page 6 of the LTC2370-16 data sheet.

    You might consider the LTC2385-16. SNR and THD performance are within your desired specs…

  • 16 in 16 out DSP, Arduino

    Hi hi

    I'm starting a new project with the following specs

    1 - 16 analog audio inputs 
    2 - 16 analog audio outputs 
    4 - Matrix mixing capability 
    5 - Uses SigmaStudio 
    6 - Minimum sample rate = 96 KHz

    Which DSP chip would you recommend?

    Is ADAU144x my best…

  • RE: LTC2335-16 ISOLATOR


    The LTC2335-16 requires a clock frequency between 45MHz and 60MHz to operate at its full speed. 45MHz is for data transfer only. 60MHz is for data, channel and range info. You will need a digital isolator with a minimum of 45Mbps (mega bits per second…

  • LTC2376-16

    Difference between DC1805A-D and DC1783A-D

  • LTC2374-16 Configuration problem

    Hello ADI team,

    I have recently worked with LTC2374-16 using  DC2071A board. I have a zedboard and by connecting pmod (zedboard) to J8 (DC2071A) and also a wire wrap to "busy" test point, made communication between FPGA and ADC (make connection to BUSY…

  • LTC2325-16 ADC

    Hello Sir/Ma'am,

    In our project we are going to use a LTC2325-16 5MSPS/CH ADC. According to the datasheet 8Vpp is differential input, can we give a -4v and +4v (Bipolar) in one channel of the ADC and if any reference schematic available please suggest…

  • 11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications

    This webcast gives an overview of recent trends in radio hardware in the military communications (MILCOM) field including what technologies and requirements are driving these trends. The main focus will be the shift to more widespread satellite communications…

  • 11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications

    11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications
  • 16 Input / 16 Output Mixer with AD1939 + AD1974

    Hi there,

    I am designing a digital audio mixer with 16 audio input channels and 16 output channels. A combined DSP/ARM provides processing and Ethernet capabilities.

    In order to speed up the process, I'm using a module that includes an OMAPL138. In…

  • LTC2321-16


    I have a question LTC2321-16.

    Is it okay if we can change the 220pF in front of the ADC to 10pF?



    Best Regards