• RE: Are you planning an ADAQ uModule with 2MSps at 16 bit or > 100Kps at 24 bit?

    On behalf of Ryan Curran.
    We currently don’t have a product in development that would meet either criteria, though both areas (higher speed and higher precision) are product spaces that we are exploring.  I would certainly be on the lookout for uModules…

  • 2289A-B with LTC2368-24

    Dear EZ community,

    I've ordered the 2289A-B and DC590 boards to read out the LTC2368-24 ADC with PYTHON.

    To read out the LTC2368, there are code snippets for the 16bit and 18bit version with the DC890 board.

    My question: can I simply adapt the code…

  • LTC2368-24 and DC890B : continuous acquisition


    I am evaluating LTC2368-24 with the DC890B eval boards using LinearLab tools. Is it possible to work with more than 32768 samples ? I'm trying to make a continuous acquisition. I want to put data in txt file, but when I call multiple time the acquisition…

  • 2289A-B with LTC2380-24


    I work with demo circuit 2289A-B and the LTC2368-24 but i would change it to LTC2380-24, is it possible? Or may I change anything else on the demo bord ?

    Kind regards


  • AD4007 / AD4003 - TIA interface


    we are looking into a transimpedance amplifier frontend based on the AD8597 for the AD4007 (or the AD4003).

    Is it feasible to use the AD8597 as a buffer for the SAR ADC ?

    Would there be any drawbacks compared to the suggested ADA4897 in the…

  • 16 in 16 out DSP, Arduino

    Hi hi

    I'm starting a new project with the following specs

    1 - 16 analog audio inputs 
    2 - 16 analog audio outputs 
    4 - Matrix mixing capability 
    5 - Uses SigmaStudio 
    6 - Minimum sample rate = 96 KHz

    Which DSP chip would you recommend?

    Is ADAU144x my best…

  • 11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications

    This webcast gives an overview of recent trends in radio hardware in the military communications (MILCOM) field including what technologies and requirements are driving these trends. The main focus will be the shift to more widespread satellite communications…

  • 11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications

    11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications