• LTC2367-18与多通道开关的联合使用问题


  • 16 in 16 out DSP, Arduino

    Hi hi

    I'm starting a new project with the following specs

    1 - 16 analog audio inputs 
    2 - 16 analog audio outputs 
    4 - Matrix mixing capability 
    5 - Uses SigmaStudio 
    6 - Minimum sample rate = 96 KHz

    Which DSP chip would you recommend?

    Is ADAU144x my best…

  • RE: ADC Recommendation : 8/16 channel ADC with PGA (without mux), 16+ bits resolution with synch / simultaneus sample/read feature

    Sorry for the late revert. Just resumed the project activity. The digital host is Zynq 7020 SoC.

    Have provisioned for 2 ADCs in the PCB for the 16 single ended unipolar analog inputs. With respect to the data output, SPI will be the data interface to the…

  • 11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications

    11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications
  • 16 Input / 16 Output Mixer with AD1939 + AD1974

    Hi there,

    I am designing a digital audio mixer with 16 audio input channels and 16 output channels. A combined DSP/ARM provides processing and Ethernet capabilities.

    In order to speed up the process, I'm using a module that includes an OMAPL138. In…

  • 11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications

    This webcast gives an overview of recent trends in radio hardware in the military communications (MILCOM) field including what technologies and requirements are driving these trends. The main focus will be the shift to more widespread satellite communications…

  • 2010-03-16 10:16:23     Is Asterisk ported ?

    2010-03-16 10:16:23     Is Asterisk ported ?

    Emil Bart (POLAND)

    Message: 87261   

    Hello all,

    I would like to ask if asterisk app in user directory have been ported to uClinux distribution (release 2009R1.1-RC4)? Can I enable it in user config and compile…

  • 2010-12-16 16:06:32     Automated autoconf.h generation.

    2010-12-16 16:06:32     Automated autoconf.h generation.

    Matt Gilg (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 96816   

    I'm assembling scripts to automatically pull in our vendor modifications & configuration and build the distribution.

    Currently, I copy our vendor…

  • Choosing adc LTC2335-16 or LTC2358-16 for "music product"

    I'm i the process of choosing an adc for a music project, the adc role is to read analog "control voltages" or "cv" that range between -10 and +10 volts, the data is used to set pitch of oscillators and control other parameters. First i chose the LTC2358…

  • RE: LTC2386-16 ADC

    1. The CLK frequency can go up to 400MHz. There is no minimum CLK frequency

    2. ENOB= (SINAD -1.76)/6.02 = (93.9-1.76)/6.02 = 15.3Bits for a 2kHz input signal at 10Msps