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  • LTC2358 and Arduino

    Has anyone played with interfacing an LTC2358 with an Arduino Due? Does the library for the Linduino (which matches the Uno) work with the Due?



  • LTC2358-16

    I have a customer using the LTC2358-16. The device is able to accept different input voltage ranges, but in this case I am referring to the true bi-polar input. The device should operate between +10.24 and -10-24 on the inputs. They are only seeing +…

  • RE: LTC2353-18 and DC2365A/DC890B eval boards: More than 32k samples

    Hi Christian,

    The DC890B controller has a limited amount of onboard board memory that restricts the capture size. If you can use the LTC2358-18 (8-ch, 200ksps simultaneous sampling SAR ADC. Operated in 2-ch mode it can capture at 550ksps.) for your evaluation…

  • RE: 请教AD7616是否兼容差分信号转换?


  • RE: Use external FPGA with DC2365A

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, you can connect an external FPGA board to the DC2365A. There is no existing documentation for this but it should be a straightforward process. Tie node WRIN low. Tie node WRIN2 high (high is the default for this node). Remove R47 and R52…

  • RE: LTC1856 configuring and reading back differential channels

    If you need to measure a +/-20V span, may I suggest using the LTC2358-16 and the application circuit of Figure 15 on page 11 of AN167.  http://www.linear.com/docs/58894 This circuit will not work well using the LTC1856 because of its much lower input impedance…

  • Can the LTC2358-18 be wired directly to embedded processor for use with SPI, or does it require any sort of interface chip in between?

    We would like to use 3 of these chips to read a total of 24 voltage channels using an embedded processor (Part TBD). The demo board for this chip contains some sort of interface chip in between the ADC and the external connections. We are wondering if…

  • 2009-12-18 09:50:18     upgrading

    2009-12-18 09:50:18     upgrading

    Filip Vanalme (BELGIUM)

    Message: 83699   


    I'm finally upgrading to the latest versions of toolchain and kernel. I installed blackfin-toolchain-09r1-10.i386.rpm and blackfin-toolchain-uclibc-default-09r1-10.i386.rpm…