• RE: LTC2353-16 read data

    Hi SagyNA,

         While trying to figure out the cause of the issue. If it is OK to share snapshot of the digital signals to and from the LTC2353-16.




  • LTC2353-16 EVB and reference schematic

    Dear Sir/Mamm, 

    I am reviewing the ADC to be used for PCS for ESS.
    I am going to design using LTC2353ILX-16#PBF.
    Can you provide me with a schematic  or EVB doc?

    ADC Specification

    1. ADC input signal level : +/-2V
    2. Number of ADC channels: 2 channels.

  • LTC2353-16, SPI Mode Unclear From Datasheet

    I've made a technical request on this, but wanted to put this here too.

    When using the serial interface to communicate with the ADC, it seems as if the SPI write (SDI, to update softspan) requires a different mode than the output (SDO). The recommended…

  • ADAL6110-16 datasheet?

    I'm looking for an in-depth datasheet for the ADAL6110-16 multichannel LIDAR front-end IC. More than the 2-page version on the web site.

  • SPORT Setting For 16 chns ADC and 16 chns DAC on adsp21562


    I try to config sports work on 16-in and 16-out IIS mode, i can not file demo source from the EV-2156x_EZ-KIT. 

    I try initial-code like below, but it did not work.


  • LTC2335-16 Driver


    Can anyone help me getting reference driver for LTC2335-16?

    Thanks in advance.

  • RE: Questions about LTC2327-16 spec

    1.The curve is for a typical part. The spec  is for a worst case part which can be much worse than a typical part.

    2.If a REFIN or REFBUF is specified or Note9 is present an external reference is used.

    3. There is no PSRR information available. Use recommended…

  • RE: DC2515B connector 16-pin

    Weidmuller 1615770000

    This information is correct.

  • LTC2662-16 some channel can't ouput

    The customer use DAC LTC2662 to drive 5 channels LED output(From  25mA to 300mA), as they FSADJ pin CONECT REF to 5V Vcc power across 10 resister, the reference use internal . And use 24bits code words for program. When use their own c project code found…