• RE: LTC2325-16 SDR Mode CMOS Readout Timing

    The only spec given for SDO with respect to CLKOUT is the valid delay between CLKOUT falling and SDO remaining valid. This spec has a min of 0ns and a max of 1.5ns.

  • LTC2325-16 ADC

    Hello Sir/Ma'am,

    In our project we are going to use a LTC2325-16 5MSPS/CH ADC. According to the datasheet 8Vpp is differential input, can we give a -4v and +4v (Bipolar) in one channel of the ADC and if any reference schematic available please suggest…

  • LTC2325-16 frequency conversion table

    Hello  is there a "Conversion Frequency for various I/O modes" table for the LTC2325-16 like there is for the LTC2324-16? I'd like to know the SDK freq for CMOS mode for a conversion frequency of 3Msps/CH. Its seems that the LTC2325-16, mainly…

  • LTC2325-16 LSB always 0


    I am testing Serial interface for receiving Data from LTC2325-16 ADC and cannot get LSB bit of data.

    LSB is always zero. I noticed same question on thi and some german forum but with no satisfying answer therefore I am asking it again.


  • PSRR on LTC2325-16


     I need to evaluate all the performances of the ADC LT2325-16.

    I need to estimate if the PSRR is correct for my application.

    During my previous design I used the AD7961, the PSSR is available in the datasheet.

    In the LTC2325-16 datasheet the PSRR is…

  • LTC2325-16 About "tCYC" and "tREADOUT"


    I want to use LTC2325-16.
    I have a question, please let me know.

    The following timing chart is in the data sheet.

    tREADOUT is a parameter that does not appear in electrical characteristics.
    Also, since tCYC = tCNVH + tCONV, I don't know what this tREADOUT…

  • LTC2325-16 delivers only 15 bits


    i am using LTC2325-16 in CMOS SDR mode. In the datasheet it says: "A 100MHz external clock must be applied at the SCK pin to achieve 5Msps throughput using all four SDO outputs."

    But i can't get 16 bits with a 100MHz clock. The LSB is always…

  • LTC2325-16 and DC2395A-C

    The doc sheet that came with the DC2395A-C states "alternatively, by connecting the DC2395A into a customer application, the performance of the LTC2325 can be evaluated directly in that circuit". How can I get more information?  The docs include…

  • External Reference Circuit for LTC2325-16 - How to connect?


    I want to use the shared external reference circuit option of the LTC2325-16 as shown in the datasheet page 22 Fig 13. (b).

    But I'm couriuse if I had to tie the REFBUFEN Pin to V_DD as shown in the Figure or to GND as discribed in the text above…

  • What is LTC2325-16 timing CNV\ falling edge to D15 valid?

    What is LTC2325-16 timing CNV\ falling edge to D15 valid?

    LVDS I/O Mode, SDR

    If tCONV is 170ns max and tCNVH is 30ns min, (170ns+30ns=200ns) there is no time to shift out data at a 5MSps sample rate (200ns min sample period). Need to know how long to…