• RE: PSRR on LTC2325-16

    There is no PSRR information available for this part. If you follow the recommended supply bypassing and use a linear regulator you should not have any performance issues.

  • LTC2325-16 and DC2395A-C

    The doc sheet that came with the DC2395A-C states "alternatively, by connecting the DC2395A into a customer application, the performance of the LTC2325 can be evaluated directly in that circuit". How can I get more information?  The docs include…

  • LTC2325-16 LSB always 0


    I am testing Serial interface for receiving Data from LTC2325-16 ADC and cannot get LSB bit of data.

    LSB is always zero. I noticed same question on thi and some german forum but with no satisfying answer therefore I am asking it again.


  • External Reference Circuit for LTC2325-16 - How to connect?


    I want to use the shared external reference circuit option of the LTC2325-16 as shown in the datasheet page 22 Fig 13. (b).

    But I'm couriuse if I had to tie the REFBUFEN Pin to V_DD as shown in the Figure or to GND as discribed in the text above…

  • RE: LTC2325-16 delivers only 15 bits

    It could be that you are missing the MSB, and hence getting only 15 bits.  Have a look at the diagram on page 15 of the datasheet.  You can see that the MSB (B15) appears on the data line shortly after the falling edge of the CNV pulse.  The first rising…

  • RE: What is LTC2325-16 timing CNV\ falling edge to D15 valid?

    I would be more conservative and wait until SDO is valid before initiating the first SCK edge.

  • RE: LTC2324 tCYC Time between Conversions Max time

    If the time between conversions exceeds the maximum specified, there will be a gradual loss of accuracy.  This also applies to parts such as the LTC2325, etc.  Let me know if you have a specific concern or time between conversions and I can help you further…

  • Serial to parallel LTC2325 cannot get the correct waveform

     The amplifier I didn't use the recommended LT1819, I used ADA4927-2, may be the reason is incompatibility.

    I used signal generator to input sine wave(100MHz, Vmax=1V, Vmin=0V), but I cannot get the correct waveform from the function "set up debug…