• LTC2325

    Dear all

    I have doubt please clarify?

    Can I test LTC2325 with varying DC input signal to test the ADC in very low speed controller? or Sould I give only AC signal. I shorted series capacitance and I tried to connect arduino with dc input, but i get some…

  • LTC2325 Software


    I'm trying to use a Linear/Altera SocKit with a LTC2395a-c eval board to gather some data and write it to the SD on the SocKit.  I've been running with the eval software on a PC for proof of concept,  and now I need to move it to the ARM and…

  • What is the difference between synchronous sampling LTC2325-12 and AD9637-40?

    Our company chooses an 8-channel ADC that can be sampled at the same time, and sees LTC2325-12 and AD9637-40. I would like to ask you some questions about these two ADC chips.

    What's the difference between LTC2325-12 and AD9637-40? What's the difference…

  • DC2395A-F + DC890 Testing


    I have setup DC2395A-F + DC890 Boards for high speed ADC testing.

    Chip is LTC2325-14

    Software: PScope XD P101


    5 Msps

    Clock in: 15 MHz sine wave at J9.

    I have the following error.

    Please help me how to make it work.

    Thank you.


  • RE: LTC2325-16 and DC2395A-C

    With an input clock frequency of 110MHz on J9, the FPGA will provide a 5MHz clock to the CNV input of the LTC2325 and the DC2395A will continuously output data to the P1 connector.

  • LTC2325-16 LSB always 0


    I am testing Serial interface for receiving Data from LTC2325-16 ADC and cannot get LSB bit of data.

    LSB is always zero. I noticed same question on thi and some german forum but with no satisfying answer therefore I am asking it again.


  • RE: LTC2325-16 ADC

    All analog input signals should be in the range of ground to Vdd. 8vpp assumes both inputs are driven out of phase from 0V-4V. See Figure 10 of the data sheet for an example of this. If you want to drive only one input and have the other input fixed at…

  • RE: PSRR on LTC2325-16

    There is no PSRR information available for this part. If you follow the recommended supply bypassing and use a linear regulator you should not have any performance issues.

  • RE: LTC2324 tCYC Time between Conversions Max time

    If the time between conversions exceeds the maximum specified, there will be a gradual loss of accuracy.  This also applies to parts such as the LTC2325, etc.  Let me know if you have a specific concern or time between conversions and I can help you further…