• LTC2324-12

    I hope that I'm in the right place

    I have a question regarding the Linear LTC2324-12:

    I'm using the internal reference (my case is 2.048V) - can I use REFOUTx as an input for resistor division? please see the attached file configuration?


  • RE: 需要一块4通道以上同步采样AD,并且每通道采样率大于2M。请问有符合要求的芯片可以推荐吗?


  • LTC2324-12这个ADC的时钟怎么给


  • RE: Get data in real time with DC890B Board

    The LTC2324-16 demo board (DC2395) has an onboard FPGA that deserializes the data before transferring it to the DC890. The DC890 has limited memory and a slow USB interface chip that would make real time data capture impossible at the data rate that the…

  • LTC2324-16 conversion

    Similar question to that of DavidLee a few months ago.  The datasheet has me confused concerning how to transfer the data from the chip.

    Can I simply pulse !CNV high for 30ns, wait 220ns, then issue 16 (or 32 or 64) clock pulses and read the data?


  • LTC2324-16 OVDD and VDD current


    In LTSpice, the current drawn from VDD pin about 8A when LTC2324-16 is used in CMOS mode. What is the nominal current for OVDD and VDD pin when it is in CMOS mode and all channels are used in 2Msps?


  • LTC2324-16 Maximum Conversion Time?

    I've got a few questions about the LTC2324-16 ADC.

    This device does not appear to have an output that indicates that the conversion is complete.
    Therefore I am assuming that we start the conversion with a pulse on /CNV and just wait around for some…

  • LTC2324 tCYC Time between Conversions Max time


    LTC2324-12 Datasheet Page 5 Line:

    tCYC    Time between Conversions            (Note 11)  tCYC = tCNVH + tCONV + tREADOUT   min 0.5us  max 1000us

    and Page 6  Note 11:

    Note 11: Guaranteed by design, not subject to test.


  • RE: Can DC890B evaluation board interfaced in any way other than using QuikEval or PScope?

    I take the example of the 4 Channels ADC LTC2324-16. The sampling rate is 2Msps/Ch ( and there are 4 ch) in total  8Msps * 2 bytes = 16MBps. that should be respected between the ADC Board and control Board.

    If the control Board  is buffering the data then 

  • 2008-12-08 07:12:12     SPI and BF-561

    2008-12-08 07:12:12     SPI and BF-561

    Filip Vanalme (BELGIUM)

    Message: 66501   

    this item might already been discussed earlier. I looked into some forum discussions, but never found exactly what I'm looking for...

    I'm developing on a BF-561 board…