• RE: A/D Chip selection help

    Hi EricCho,

       Here some ADCs that you may want to consider in your design. I have chosen these ADCs because of their high sampling rate that is suitable to your input  frequency and voltage range. the links refer directly to the datasheet of the product…

  • LTC2323 16bit

    I drive  ltc2323 at 5MSPS rate with fpga code  ,and refer to the driven code which ADI offered.but there is a big porblem:the timing of signal sck and cnv signals are right and comply with the spec ,but I can't get back the adc value no matter what I d…

  • LTC2323 Simulation in LTspice


    I'm trying to simulate the ADC-LTC2323 16bit in LTspice in order to measure THD value of this converter and compare it with the datasheet. The model of the LTC2323 is available in LTspice. I'm connecting two sine signals to the differential inputs…

  • RE: AD9637 8通道可以同时采样吗?

    OK , I  got it , but  What's the difference between AD9637-40  and the LTC2323-12 ?  They are all synchronous AD sampling chips。

  • RE: Driving reference pin of ADC (LT2323)

    The most conservative approach is to buffer REFOUTx (REFINT is the enable pin for REFOUT) with a high input impedance, low offset op amp. If the circuit to be driven by the REFOUT voltage will only present a small constant load it is probably safe to…

  • RE: Using LTC2323-14 with Different Sampling Rate


    The minimum time between conversions is 200ns but in your application with 3.125Msps will require 320ns period. In this case you can increase either acquisition period or conversion period. If you choose to retain the conversion period to 171.5 ns yo…

  • LTC2376-16

    Difference between DC1805A-D and DC1783A-D