• RE: LTC2312 Internal Reference - Long-Term Stability


    There is no long term stability data available for the LTC2312 internal reference. If this is important to you I would recommend using a different ADC that supports using an external reference with specified long term stability. An example would be…

  • LTC2312-12 Output signal issue


    Our customer has an issue about output signal of LTC2312-12. Could you please support me?

    The customer has used LTC2312-12 in their products. The output signal of TC2312-12 is fixed to Hi level or low level approximately one out of dozens of…

  • Electrical Characteristics of LTC2312-12


    I don't understand what Absolute Input Range in LTC2312-12 data sheet as follows mean. Please let me know.



  • LTC2312-12 SDO MSB No toggle


    We use LTC2312-12 and supply CONV and SCK by FPGA.

    Our environment setup:
        VDD    : 3.3V
        V_REF: 2.054V (measured)
        OVDD : 3.3V (from our FPGA)

    According to Page 14 Figure 11 in datasheet, our A_IN and output code follow the tendency when A_IN is under…

  • LTC2312-12 Exiting Nap Mode


    I have a question about SCK timing for exiting NAP mode. According to the datasheet, we should send a pulse on SCK showing Fig.8 on the datasheet.

    Can I exiting NAP mode if I send the pulse like a following timing?

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  • LTC2312-12 CONV pin pull-up/down


    Can we add 1k ohms or 10k ohms pull-up or pull-down resistor to CONV pin? Are there any problems to LTC2312-12 in that case?

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  • How to set LTC2312 Using the External Reference?

    I can not find how to set LTC2312 Using the External Reference in datasheet, and find  By default, REF is an output pin and produces a reference voltage VREF of either 2.048V or 4.096V depending on VDD.

  • LTC2312-12 Rising edge timing of CONV & SCK


    According to the datasheet of LTC2312-12, it is recommended to hold SCK static low or high during tconv.

    Are there any problems if the rising edge of CONV and the rising edge of SCK is same timing?

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  • LTC2312-12, the SDO is always Hi-Z?


    Our customer give us the question why the SDO output is always Hi-Z regardless of the signal level of CONV after power on.
    According to the data sheet page10 of LTC2312-12, the SDO output is always forced into the high impedance state while CONV is…

  • 2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    Chris Brissette (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 97302   

    I have been hunting a random lockup, happens about once a week. Seems like it has something to do with the using the ttybf1 uart.  I have been looking to where workqueue…